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What Is a Tent Heater Calculator?

OutdoorsWonder Tent Heater Calculator is an open-source tent heater calculator for calculating the amount of BTU's to warm your tent. Our calculator lets you select a tent heater with the right BTU rating.

Why Do You Need the Tent Heater Calculator?

First and foremost, knowing the heat needed to warm your camping will help make an informed decision when selecting the right tent heater.

But the key reason is to determine the BTU rating of the camping tent heater to buy. Some tent heaters usage is limited to certain altitudes. By knowing tent heaters BTU rating, you’ll be able to choose one that functions perfectly well within its limited altitude.

Energy sources determine the heaters cost of operation. Depending on the BTU’s needed, you’ll be able to know the most economical energy source to use and so the type of tent heater to buy.

Meanwhile, knowing the BTUs rating to heat a heat can help you figure out the energy consumption, therefore you will have a better idea to prepare spare energy.

How to Use the OutdoorsWonder Tent Heater Calculator?

OutdoorsWonder tent heater calculator is very easy to use. The procedure of using this calculator is as follows:

Step 1: Get the dimension of your tent and enter the “HEIGHT”, “WIDTH”, and “LENGTH” for the value in the respective input field.

Step 2: Set the temperature rise in tent you feel comfortable and hit “ENTER”.

Step 3: Finally, the BTUs and Cubic Feet for the given inputs will be displayed in the output field.

If you are interested in more details about how this tent heater calculator work, go ahead to read, and you will figure out.

To get the BTU rating with your OutdoorsWonder Tent Heater Calculator, you’ll get to know:

  1. What are the functions of the calculator?
  2. What are the BTU rating basics?
  3. Tents Cubic Feet Calculation
  4. How to calculate BTU's needed to warm your tent?

This online tent calculator offers two results for you: BTUs to Heat Tent and Cubic Feet of the tent.

OutdoorsWonder Tent Heater Calculator employs the standard SI Units for tent measurement (Feet) and temperature (Degrees Fahrenheit). Only four functions are left open for you to fill, and the calculator will automatically compute them.

To use this instruction manual, tent heater buyers should have the specific measurements of their tent and temperature estimates of the campsite.

What Are the Basic Functions of the Tent Heater Calculator?

Before you can start using your tent heater calculator, you should know what each function represents. How to convert other SI Units to feet and Fahrenheit is also good to learn.

Calculator Functions: To input values in the calculator functions, your tent has to have these specified dimensions:

  •  HEIGHT: “Height” represents the distance between the base floor of the tent and the highest peak.
  • WIDTH: “Width” represents the shortest distance between the two edges of the tent base floor.
  •  LENGTH: “Length” is the longest of the tents base floor or the cumulative distance of the tent floor rooms.

To calculate BTU's needed, enter the dimensions of the tent in the open function spaces accordingly. And you can find their dimensions when you buy a camping tent.

What Are the BTU Rating Basics?

Your tent's BTU is determined by the temperature difference between inside and outside temperature and the tent's cubic feet. Tents insulation is another factor. Btu’s standard SI Unit is BTU/h.  

Tents Cubic Feet Calculation

What is cubic feet?

Cubic feet is the directly proportional to the BTU's tent heat that should be emitted by a tent heater to warm a tent. The tent's cubic feet is derived but inserting the measurements of the tent to the tent heater calculator functions.

To get the cubic feet, use the HEIGHT X WIDTH X LENGTH functions.

For example, if your tent measures 8 feet high by 8 feet width by 12 feet length, input these measurements into the calculator functions and then click on the “Cubic Feet” button. The answer “768 cubic feet” displays on the bottom right.

If the measurements of the tent are in Inches, cm or meters, convert the values to feet.

How to Calculate the BTUs to Warm Your Tent?

To get the temperature rise you expect in the tent, subtract the expected temperature value from the tent's outside temperature value.

BTUs To Heat Tent Calculation

You can use OutdoorsWonder Tent Heater Calculator to get the BTU's to heat any size of a camping tent. Input the measurements of the tent into the functions. You can use rough estimates if the tent's shape has no specific dimensions. Click the “Temperature Rise In Tent” function and select the nearest result derived after subtracting your desired temperature from the outside temperature.

The BTU's to heat your tent will display to the bottom left.

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