12 Best Screened Tents with Porch/Room/Floor [2021 Reviews]

Relaxing in the right tent with screen room makes anyone’s camping experience much better. Screen tents are an exceptional way of enjoying great outdoors. And if it’s a tent with porch, added comfort as you protect yourself and family against harmful insects is what you get.

While ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian Tent will serve you best in cold weather, screened tents let you to get the panoramic view during sunny days.

Whether you want to camp behind your home garden or under the trees on Mount Everest, there is a better choice for you. In this article, you’ll get the best 12 screened tents for every occasion.

Best Screened Tents with Porch/Room/Floor for 2-11 Persons Reviews

Best Instant Tent with Screen Room

Best Budget Tent with Screen Room

Most Easy Setup Tent with Screen Room

Core 10-Person Instant Cabin Tent with Screen Room

Coleman WeatherMaster 6/10 Person Tent with Screen Room

Coleman Evanston 8-Person Camping Tent with Screened In Porch

SnugPak Journey Duo Windproof 2-Person Tent with Screened Porch

SnugPak Journey Duo Windproof 2-Person Tent with Screened Porch

This is a two-person screened tent with a large front to shelter all your gear. The Journey Duo tent is made of high quality and authentic material. Besides the strong waterproof material, the interior is lined with a No-See-Um mesh. There is no reason to worry about privacy.

Camping on vegetative area, wetness or dampness is really a headache. This is taken care of by the waterproof Fly Sheet. And on the porch floor lays a bathtub styled sheet with all seams taped sealed. To maintain it clean and protect it from twigs and mud, there is an additional tailored tent footprint.

Again, this sheet provides the large front entry offering the undisturbed entry into the porch entry. Just before entering the porch is a large area to shelter all your gear.

The low profile nature of the Journey Duo makes it withstand strong winds. To make sure it lasts long, a tent footprint is included in the kit. It also comes with 18 Y stake aluminium and lightweight poles for easy portability. Its pack size of 23 inches long and 7 inches wide makes it more portable.

While the total package weighs only 7.1 pounds, it measures 91 inches long, 55 inches wide and 39 inches tall.

  • Good usability
  • The ridgeline makes living in the tent more simplified. You can hang socks, lights or gloves.
  • Easy to tent
  • Using the elastic loops, it’s easy to hook the groundsheet. Also, light aluminium alloys are easy to assemble.
  • Portable
  • Adding the pack size to the weight of the Journeys, it will be surprisingly funny how this tent with porch is so easy to carry.
  • Small porch area
  • Even though the exterior is relatively large, the porch area is a bit squeezed for two people. Relaxing or sleeping in the porch doesn’t offer the much need luxurious experience.
  • Small inner door
  • Compared to the front, the interior mesh door is much smaller. Approximately, its three-quarter in size and this makes sliding into the porch, not an easy exercise. 

NTK INDY GT 3-4 Person Screen Tent with Flexible Floor

NTK INDY GT 3-4 Person Screen Tent with Flexible Floor

NKT has long-term experience in tents with screen room since 1975, reputed for innovation, safety and comfort. This NKT tent is a reliable high-quality tent designed with a passion for 3 to 4 persons.

To keep insects like bugs and mosquitos outside the tent, the inner door has a full zipper.

After taking a nap in the screen room, this tent offers another opportunity to enjoy the serenity of the camp area as you comfortably relax under the shed of the open front. At the middle is a vestibule with a side door that offers extra space for a better camping experience.

And when the cold weather suddenly strikes, collapsing the erected front shed and zipping it should take less than a minute. This now turns the front part to a nicely designed camping screen room with ample seating and your camping gear.

Despite having huge dimensions of 12Ft by 7Ft and center height of 4.3Ft, NTK INDY GT weighs only 11 lbs. With the sleeping area measuring 6.7FT x 6.7FTx 7FT, space is more than enough for 3-4 people.

Featuring in the inner screen room is a D-style door with 2-way zip and a mosquito mesh protection. The mesh has tiny poles to keep mosquitos out but large to maintain the inner room well ventilated.

  • Sturdy structure
  • The extra thick tent poles are of high quality. Additionally, the poles are interconnected with durable galvanized steel connectors that making the structure more stable and strong.
  • Easy to assemble
  • With the poles being lightweight and utilizing a ping and ring connection system, assembling NTK INDY is supposed to take a few minutes. 
  • Protective floor
  • The silver-coated waterproof tent floor is anti-fungus to keep disease-causing fungus away. It’s also bathtub styled so you don’t sleep in a puddle.
  • No rain flaps at the middle-section
  • Sitting at the vestibule during rainy weather can at times be disgusting. Without the rain flaps, you may find your gear or clothes wet.
  • Sleeping area small for four men
  • Even though the camping screen room is stated to fit 3-4 persons, practically sleeping 4 people isn’t possible unless they are small kids. 

KAZOO Easy Setup 4-Person Cabin Tent with Screened Room

KAZOO Easy Setup 4-Person Cabin Tent with Screened Room

A 4-person cabin tent with screened porches professionally designed for versatile outdoor solutions.

Comfort and excitement are guaranteed with KAZOO. As a spacious family tent with screen room for 4, the 95-inch x 86 inch x 57-inch dimensions would definitely make a good-sized room. And for extra comfort, the floor dimensions will not only fit the screened room but also the extra front relaxing space.

Setting up KAZOO is a simple and easy task. Including setting up the vestibule, the whole process should take less than 3 minutes. This is further simplified by the 9.5mm lightweight fibreglass poles. Imagine erecting the vestibule with only 1 pair of supporting pole.

With a pack size of (22X6X6) inch and weighing 10.71 pounds, KAZOO camping screen room will occupy a small percentage of the cargo space in your car. Portability isn’t an issue with the KAZOO screen tents series. Besides the inner mesh liner, there are two doors and 2 windows for excellent ventilation.

To take care of your camping gear and the much-required relaxing space, the vestibule area is designed large. This tent features two layers: the outer rainfly layer capable of withstanding 3000mm of rain and the inner mesh liner for enhancing ventilation.

  • Ultra waterproof
  • KAZOO outdoor camping tent has its top made of a durable polyester rainfly with a waterproof rating above 3000mm. The rainfly has it's all seams taped and covers the entire outer area.
  • Spacious rooms
  • The dimensions are large enough to fit the said 4 persons without any complaint. Whether it's the screened room or the vestibule area, each is designed to serve its purpose.  
  • Extra protective details
  • By utilizing a 2-way zip, a bathtub styled floor tarp and an inner mesh, bites by mosquitos and other insects are impossible.
  • Tarp does not connect to the ground
  • With the tarp to connecting to the ground, expect some dust during windy conditions. You’ll also need a strong sleeping bag to protect you and the rest against cold winds.

 Coleman 4-6 Man Cabin Camping Tent with Free Standing Screen Room

 Coleman 4-6 Man Cabin Camping Tent with Free Standing Screen Room

This is the only screened-in vestibule tent spacious to accommodate 4-6 persons comfortably.

Using the optional cover, you can create a porch capable of accommodating 2 people or the extra luggage. Even though the enclosed screened porch fits for six persons pretty well, it has an extra space amounting to 35% of the porch area.

Rain and wind can ruin your camping experience. To avoid this, Coleman cabin tent features optional front covers for barring wind and rain. And since water can penetrate through on the slightest opportunity, the floor tarp is bath-tub like
and the seams are inverted.

To add more pleasure, the rainfly is attachable. You can therefore enjoy more fresh air when it’s hot and protection against rain or a shade when it’s hotter.

From the inside, the height of the tent allows free movement while standing upright. Setting up the whole tent can only take 10 minutes of your time. Assembling is made faster by the 3-pole design and color-coding the sleeve edges.

  • Strong frame structure
  • This Coleman tent is made to resist winds of up to 35mphV. Using the straps tighten the tent to the poles.
  • Easy to set up
  • To set up the tent, very few poles are needs. Secondly, to avoid guessing the sides to erect which pole follow the color codes. Practically, it should take around 10-20 minutes to set the tent, which is considerable time.  
  • Good ventilation
  • Even with the rainfly covering the tent, you can still have a good view of the outside. The windows maintain good circulation of fresh air and illumination by natural light.
  • Large porch area
  • The screen porch is spacious and lovely. It can fit two seats by each side and leave more space for your suitcases and other camping gear. 
  • No hooks or strands
  • It's a bit embarrassing when you decide to hang tent lights at night or other kinds of stuff.

Coleman Steel Creek 6 Person Dome Tent with Screened In Room

Coleman Steel Creek 6 Person Dome Tent with Screened In Room

This is a tent designed for 6 persons featuring a separated screen room and many amenities for a great outdoor experience.

While the other Coleman tents take 10-20 minutes to assemble, this Steel Creek tent only takes half of the time thanks to the fast pitch system and Insta-Clip suspension. To easily pack up your tent, a carry bag capable of expanding on rip strap is added to the kit.

Storing your extra stuff like headphones, magazines, wallets and many others isn’t a problem. Just use the storage mesh pockets on the sidewalls of the screened tent. Rarely seen in other tents with screen room is the E-Port for running an extension cord to an external power source.

Seam areas and the zipping area are the main water leakage areas. The Steel Creek tent seams are inverted and the zipper features a water-resistant cut off material so you won’t sleep in a puddle.

Being one of the best cabin tents with screened porches, the durability of the fabric and size of the screened-in room area compare with no other in the market.

  • Fast to pitch
  • From every perspective, this tent is the easiest to set up. The poles are color coded and the snag-free clip suspensions make the assembling process faster and easy.
  • Spacious interior
  • This Creek tent can fit two queen-size air beds. The center height is high enough to allow free stretch outs. And since it has a full floor, you can turn the screen room to a sleeping area.  
  • High quality
  • Other than the reputation of the company, this tent is capable of withstanding the constant door/ window opening and closing. Its fabric is made durable to hold up to the abuses of your  children.
  • Not comfortable for six persons
  • Whereas Steel Creek is designed to cater for 6 persons and can still accommodate six people, 4 persons would comfortably fit in.
  • Rainfly is limited
  • Having the rainfly a bit bigger to add some privacy to the windows when needed would make this tent better and universally acceptable.

Coleman WeatherMaster 6/10 Person Tent with Screen Room

Coleman WeatherMaster 6/10 Person Tent with Screen Room

Coleman WeatherMaster is a robust and stable 6-person car camping tent with 2 separate spacious rooms to create long-lasting memories.

Enjoying nature is every camper’s wish.  This is the inspiration behind the Coleman WeatherMaster 6 Tent. Besides the floorless screened room, the interior space roomy. It’s spacious enough to fit 2 queen-size airbeds.

For easy in and out movement, the door is hinged. To the inside are storage pockets to stash your necessities, an E-port to run the power cord through and an adjustable Veriflow for excellent airflow.

As opposed to screening tents with the floor, this floor-less screen tent maintains the porch neater and clean. Since the campers leave their shoes outside, no dirt is transferred to the porch area. The waterproof floors strengthened using welding technology keeps the interior dry.

Setting up a tent is always the first test. Coleman WeatherMaster tent is very simple to assemble and dismantle. Erecting the shock-corded poles and attaching the polyester coated fabric is estimated to last 20 minutes.

  • Good air circulation
  • Coleman WeatherMaster embraces the use Vented Cool-Air port, vent window and an all-mesh ceiling. This ensures air circulates freely in and out of on the tent.
  • Large headroom
  • However tall you are, standing inside the tent is never a challenge. In fact, it’s over 6-ft tall and with the interior floor measuring 9 x 12 feet, you can walk around freely.
  • Heavy to set up
  • Due to the support of from the strong poles, setting up the fabric is much of a challenge. The rainfly possess the biggest threat if you are doing it alone. Its weight and size require two people to set the enormous rainfly.
  • Portability is a challenge
  • Other than occupying a huge space, WeatherMaster weighs 20 pounds. This makes carrying to the campsite a challenge, especially in the forests.

Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 3-Room Screen Tent with Great Lightning System

Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 3-Room Screen Tent with Great Lightning System

More like a home, Coleman Elite is a 3-room tent with screened porch featuring built-in illuminating LED lights and a moderated wall light switch.

As the name suggests, Coleman Elites design is a theme to offer the elites experience. You can view the stars, enjoy the moonlight at night and in the next minute through up the rainfly, and shelter yourselves against the rains.

The fabric is made of a polyester taffeta 75D, which makes it more durable and long-lasting. Equally strong are the redesigned poles ready to encounter both stormy and rainy condition.

Spraying the top with a camp dry eliminates all the worries of wetness. The zipper protection, waterproof floor and the protective seams keep the 3 room tent with screened porch interior dry. 

All zips completely zip up thus no bites from bugs and mosquitos. Again, nothing can crawl into the sleeping area. But this isn’t the case with the screen room because it lacks a floor.

  • Large screened room
  • The screened room can fit 2 chairs plus a small table and remain with extra space for camping items. Unfortunately, there is no floor in this room.
  • Cool interior lighting
  • The interior lighting is powered by a 4D battery cartridge or a rechargeable cartridge. On a full charge, the LED light has a runtime of 81 hours nightlight, 26 hours (high) and 65 hours on low.
  • Extra amenities
  • Camping using this Coleman Elite tent is an added advantage. Besides the tent's E-Port, other amenities include a storage pocket, the LED lights, fast-open door with zipper and roll-up windows.
  • Rainy porch area
  • The porch area extends past the rainfly, which makes it wet even on the slightest rain. This limits the porch’s usage to only dry condition.

Coleman Evanston 8-Person Camping Tent with Screened In Porch

Coleman Evanston 8-Person Camping Tent with Screened In Porch

This is a great camping tent with screened-in porch engineered for strong winds ready to offer an exceptional outdoor experience.

The set time for setting up this tent is less 15 minutes. Assembling this tent is simplified by the use of continuous pole sleeves, Insta-Clip and snag-free pole fasteners.  Free-living style is the experience you’ll get from the spacious rooms offered by Coleman Evanston Camping Tent.

Its roomy interior measures 10 x 9 ft. and its center height is 5 ft. 8 inches. With a normal human height, walking upright isn’t a challenge.

Evanston’s entire design is meant to combat all weather conditions. With the seams inverted, the corners welded, and the zip-up flats keep rain, dust and insects out of the sleeping area. The durable rainfly offers the best shade during hot conditions.

  • Fast to set up
  • Setting this tent up is as fast as tearing it down. You only need to clip and unclip the poles and loosen the fasteners.
  • Portable
  • Besides the provided carrying bag, you can easily fold and carry this tent. The fibreglass poles add insignificant weight to the fabric material.
  • Cold when the back is not covered
  • With almost 80% of the back only a mesh, sleeping at high altitudes with covering the screened portion is unbearable. Hope they’ll make a larger rainfly next time.
  • Screened-in porch area lacks cover
  • When it rains, the screened-in porch area becomes a no-go zone as water seeps in from all directions. Don’t forget from the ground.  

Wenzel Klondike 8-Person Cabin Tent with Screen Room

Wenzel Klondike 8-Person Cabin Tent with Screen Room

If you want the best screen tent with floor, this tent suits you most. Durability and craftsmanship are two strengths manifested in Wenzel tents. Just like the cabin tents with screened porches, Klondike Tent has a screened porch that closes up to create an extra room for your guest.

The polyester fabric material coated with polyurethane makes this 8-man tent to withstand any weather condition. Now combine the floor, the tent material and the strong fibreglass roof frame. Klondike must be a great deal.

Additionally, Klondike boasts of a spacious interior a vent at the rear side and mesh openings for air circulation. From the screen room with removable seam-sealed fly, you can widely open the mesh walls for a maximum natural experience.

  • High-quality materials
  • The floor, tent poles, rainfly and the mesh material are all of the highest quality. Therefore, you can use this tent on deserts, wet or even stormy areas and emerge in its previous status. 
  • Excellent air circulation
  • In addition to the Hi-Low ventilation at the back, the mesh walls allow smooth flow of air in all the three rooms. Opening the windows and second room entry wall adds more fresh air to the tent.
  • E-port not available
  • Klondike Tent misses the now most wanted E-port for running the electrical cable to the external power connection.
  • Plastic tent pins not reliable
  • In most cases, the pins will become loose over a short period. And during windy conditions, the pins are susceptible to breakage.   

OZARK Trail 9 Person Instant Cabin Screen Room Tent

OZARK Trail 9 Person Instant Cabin Screen Room Tent

OZARK Trail instant cabin tent has 2 rooms and screened in porch and floor. The mesh screens on the windows allow fresh air to cool the warmed camping screen room.

Being constructed with polyester fabric and steel models, the 14′ x 13.5′ measurement and 84″ center height make it a big house for 9 persons. Other than the freestanding screened room and the sleeping area, you can use the room divider to create another room.

Despite weighing 40.95 pounds, this is the easiest tent to set up. OZARK is supplied with the poles pre-attached to the tent. Whether solo or in a group, setting up OZARK Trail the biggest tent with screen room takes less than 2 minutes.

  • Fast and easy to set up
  • All the credit goes to the pre attachment of all the steel model poles to the tent. Again, the included rainfly is light and easy to fix.
  • Additional amenities
  • With the storage organizer in place and the ceiling loops, keeping OZARK Trail organized isn’t a hard task. Other included amenities are window flaps with pockets, carry bag and electrical cord access.
  • No floor in the screen room
  • Even though a small shoe mat is provided, the absence of a floor in the screen room takes away the tents good interior looks.  Unexpected rains are likely to wet the screened room. A bad experience though.  

Core 10-Person Instant Cabin Tent with Screen Room

Core 10-Person Instant Cabin Tent with Screen Room

The tent design is elegant, the rooms are spacious and the comfort in the screen rooms is above average.

Core Instant is a 3-room tent with screened porch and the porch roomy enough to fit two chairs and a table. Even though 10 people are many and require large rooms, the two-room options will satisfy your wishes. The 2 D-Doors at the center wall allows easy access to the inner two rooms.

As a versatile camping tent with porch, the rainfly is removable when the weather is favorable. Being water repellant, all water drops to the rainfly surfaces trickles down leaving it dry.

Just like the OZARK Trail, this tent comes with the poles attached making it simple and faster to set it up and tear down.

  • Hanging storage pockets available
  • Your gear is well organized with availability if storage pockets at the tent walls within your convenience. Small stuff can also be stashed in the storage pockets. 
  • Use of advanced venting system
  • To maintain the tent interior with fresh air, the advanced venting system draws fresh air from the ground and the mesh ceiling releases the hot air from the top.
  • Weak poles
  • The poles are generally weak to withstand strong winds or a little force from the children. They do not stand the test of time.

Core 11-Person Large Family Cabin Tent with Screen Room

Core 11-Person Large Family Cabin Tent with Screen Room

This is a large family camping tent manufactured for 11 persons with the bonus of a carrying bag.  Featuring a fancy cabin tent with screen room, it can fit 3 queen air mattresses. After setting up the tent, the fully enclosed screen room and the large floor plan will present an opportunity to give the screened porch a homely touch.   

Seating in the roomy front room with the large front windows unzipped will give the panoramic view you’ve always yearned for. The 86-inch center height rarely witnessed in other tents walks you to the free-standing screened rooms. 11 adults can sleep comfortably in the screened rooms. 

Generously, this tent comes equipped with multiple storage pockets, an electrical access port and adjustable vents.  You’ll also find guy lines to sight to the exterior at night.

  • Good ventilation
  • Apart from the mesh ceiling and the adjustable vent at the rear, the open windows will let extra cool air to circulate freely in the multi-screen room.
  • Superior quality
  • The fact that this tent can with stormy and windy conditions is enough proof the construction materials are of superior quality.
  • Heavy tent
  • Not many have the energy to carry the 43lbs tent even with provided carry bag without a sweat. If not blessed with extra muscles you may beg help to set it up and tear it down. 

What Is a Screened Tent?

Screened tents feature mesh walls and separate rooms with a door on the center wall. Some have floors while others do not.

A screened room tent features a solid roof and has its walls either partly or wholly made of a mesh material. The mesh walls are usually transparent and allow air to flow in and out of the tent. Little time is needed to assemble screened tents as no erection of poles nor pulling of tarps.

Screened tents have a varying seating capacity. Most pop up screen tents with the floor can accommodate over five persons.

How to Choose the Right Screened Tent?

When buying a screened tent, personal preferences take charge. However, courtesy of our long term experience in screened tents, we recommend the following steps when choosing the right screened tent.

Step 1: Consider your Personal preferences

Screened tents come in many designs, additional amenities, shades and sizes. You should therefore have in mind the features you love most. Remember, what pleases you satisfy most.

Step 2: Know the intended purpose of the tent

Screened tents have different uses. If you want to buy a screen tent for dining, the Best Clam Waterproof Screen Tent may be a perfect choice. But, for a recreational purpose, Slant Leg Instant Ez would serve better. 

The tents purpose influences where to set up the screen tent. You may need a tent for setting up at the beach or at the patio.

Step 3: Consider the size of the tent

Knowing the number of people to use the tent, will determine the size to buy. All the persons to sit in the tent should fit comfortably and leave extra spaces for easy movement. Whereas Leedor Gazebos is a 4-6 person screen tent, the Alvantor Screen House sits 4-15 adults.

Step 4: Weather

Some screen tents cannot withstand strong winds while others have their top roofs treated with an ultraviolet chemical to protect it against ultraviolet rays. 

All these tents are intended to be used under different weather conditions. After choosing the right size, see whether it is designed to be used under the weather conditions at the camping site.

Step 5: Tent material

We all want tents that can last for a lifetime. How long your tent lasts depends on the frame pole material, quality of the mesh wall and the quality of the rooftop material.

FAQs About Camping Screen Tents

What is a Tent with Screen Room?

This is a tent with a sitting room whose sides are covered with a mesh and a fly on top. It is also used to store equipment. They usually have a zip that fully opens and zips up completely thus protecting persons from harmful insects.

What is a screen tent with floor?

It is a type of tent with a mesh as the sidewall and a tarp on the ground to act as the floor. The floor helps in keeping the interior clean and keeps the screen tent dry.

Should your screen tent be with or without floor?

Yes/ No. Whether to have a floor or without floor depends on the weather condition, the ground on which the tent is set up and how long you intend to use the tent. A screen tent set up at the beaches is better without floor than a tent to be used in the forest.

What is a Tent with Porch?

A tent with porch features a front space that’s partly covered and is distinct from the main tent. Found mostly in family camping tents, the porch area is used as an open veranda. The best example of a tent with a porch is Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent with Porch.

What is the Screen Porch Used For?

The main essence of going camping is that outdoor experience much yarn for. Largely, the screen porch is used for setting up chairs and a table in order to relax and have the best view of the environment.

Conclusion – Which Screen Tent Will You Be Going to Have?

Whether you are looking for a tent with a screen room or a tent with porch, we have the best in the market. On your part, you only need to learn how to choose the right screen tent and have it delivered to you.

The sitting capacity, frame construction materials and design are features that mostly differentiates one screened tent to another.

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