9 Best Reclining Camping Chairs with Footrest Reviews [2021]

Whether you intend to go tent camping, RV camping or hammock camping, you’ll definitely need a reclining camp chair to sit on as you relax. And if you engage in tough exercises, reclining camping chairs with footrest would be the ideal choice.

There are many different types of outdoor reclining chairs that you can use when camping. But does the chair you choose help support your head, harms or help your feet relax?

For maximum comfort and relaxation, all you need is the most comfortable portable chair that can recline to the right position and at the same time over the feet a place to rest. Here is a list of the best 9 reclining camping chairs with footrest.

What Will You Learn?

SKLZ Sport-Brella 3-Position Recliner Chair with Removable Umbrella and Footrest


Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 39 inches

Weight: 13.5 Pounds (12kgs)

Weight Capacity: 250 Pounds (113kgs)

Frame: lightweight steel

Cup holders: Available

Storage pouches: Available

Headrest: Available

Armrest: Available

SKLZ Sport-Brella 3-Position Recliner Chair with Removable Umbrella and Footrest

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice

Sport-Brella Recliner Chair comes 3 in 1 and the structural design offers comfortable support to all body parts.

If you want a recliner chair that you can sleep on, sit upright or recline to whatever position you want, Sport–Brella should be your no.1 list. As you rest your arms, picking those bottles of juices from the storage pockets and placing cups on the cup holders needs no effort. They are placed at your figure tips.

This isn’t one of those chairs you would wish to walk around with but think of all the utilities you’ll get from this adjustable camping chair. Apart from shading you from the scorching sun, rest assured the chair will not sink in wet surfaces. Again, to rest your feet at the right position, the footrest is hooked to an adjustable strap.

Key Features

Adjustable umbrella

Since the sun is always in rotation, Sport-Brella is equipped with an adjustable umbrella that utilizes push-button adjustments, so you are shaded throughout the day. And to rotate the umbrella with the sun, you have the option to fix it on any side of the chair or use the 3-way swivel to adjust the umbrella.

Adjusting hinges

For you to recline the back part, a three-point adjusting hinge is fitted on the supporting steel stands holding the back fabric. So, whether you want to lie flat, relax with the camping chair at 120 degrees or sit at 90 degrees it’s quite easy. Use your hand to press the button on the stand then rotate it to the angle you want.

Storage pockets and cup holders

To add luxury to the chair, hanging to the sides of the armrest is a storage pocket while on the armrest is a cup holder. The storage pocket is insulated to preserve the temperature of your drinks. This pouch also comes with a built-in bottle opener to make your camping simple.

Who Is It Best For? 

Sport-Brella is capable of carrying 250 pounds without sinking on loose soils. This makes it among the strongest and stable reclining camp chairs made to use, especially when camping on the beaches.

  • It’s sturdy enough for anyone below 113kgs to relax on.
  • Easy and fast to fold.
  • The detachable footrest and armrest make them suitable for every occasion.
  • Light to carry and easy to store
  • With all the components, it’s bulky.
  • The cup holder is placed on one side and is limited in size

Outdoor Living Suntime Camping Folding Mesh Chair with Removable Footrest


Weight: 12.6 pounds (7.7kgs)

Weight Capacity: 250 Pounds (90.7kgs)

Packed size: 7.87×7.28×39.4 inches

Frame: Heavy-duty steel

Cup holders: Available

Storage pouches: Available

Headrest: Available

Armrest: Availabl

Outdoor Living Suntime Camping Folding Mesh Chair with Removable Footrest

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice

This reclining chair is extra sturdy and overly simplified making it the easiest camping chair to use.The mesh fabric extending from the back to the seat is another factor that influenced the editors choice.

Nothing impresses a buyer more than realizing his much-needed product will satisfy him for long. And that’s why we recommend this OUTDOOR LIVING SUNTIME chair. It comes equipped with a headrest, armrest and detachable footrest.

Whether beach camping, out for a fishing expedition or short backpacking trips, this reclining camping chair with a footrest is a better option. The detachable footrest and mesh fabric make it an all-purpose chair. Except for the headrest, all other parts don’t get wet easily.

The footrest is characterized by mesh and strong fabric with a promising long service and is comfortable.  Whatever the length of your feet, you can adjust the footrest length from 16.9-inches to 39-inches.

Key Features

Breathable mesh fabric

When camping during summer, the breathable mesh fabric lets cool air in and hot air out thus maintaining fresh air circulation. The army colour fabric is intentionally used to make rhyme with nature.

Storage pocket and mesh cup holder

Besides the mesh storage pocket meant to keep you organized, to one of the armrests is a mesh cup holder.  The mesh helps keep the drinks cold.

Adjustable backrest

To recline the chair to a comfortable resting position, the chair back is easily adjustable. Without any experience, you can adjust the chair back from an angle of 90 degrees to 130 degrees.

Large seating width

This reclining folding chair with a footrest has a practically large seating width. As you expand the footrest to suit your height, you’ll find the seat width to be extra-large and comfortable.

Who is it best for?

OUTDOOR LIVING SUNTIME chair weight capacity is a bit limited (90.7kgs). It’s therefore best suited for lightweight campers. Again, the mesh fabric on both backrest and seat means it’s designed for outdoor camping during the summer season.

  • Strong polyester fabric likely to last for long
  • Large seating width
  • Portable and foldable
  • Many degrees of reclination
  • Weight capacity limited to a low 90kgs
  • It misses a sunshade

XGear 2 in 1 Folding Portable Lounge Chair with Detachable Table for Camping


Dimensions: 150cm (L) X 76cm (W) X 40cm (H)

Weight: 13 Pounds (5.895kgs)

Weight Capacity: 300 Pounds (136kgs)

Packed size: 20cm X 89cm

Frame: Steel

Cup holders: Available

Storage pouches: Available

Headrest: Available

Armrest: Available

XGear 2 in 1 Folding Portable Lounge Chair with Detachable Table for Camping

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice

XGEAR combines a reclining chair, a table, headrest and footrest and doesn’t require assembling. All these amenities combine to offer the best lounge services.

By using a thick and sturdy steel frame to construct XGEAR, you can comfortably sit on the chair as it’s strong. And since it requires no assembling, you can concentrate on other activities. Being among the few reclining camping chairs with a footrest that holds a detachable table, XGEAR can be used on any type of camping.

To avoid skidding and collapsing of the chair, ant-slip and adjustable clips are used to hold the structure firmly together. A durable fabric mesh reinforced by strands used to make this camping chair will serve you for long. The two reclination angles (90 and 145 degrees) offers the best posture for reading romantic novels and relaxation

Key Features

Detachable table

The detachable table included in XGEAR not only provides a good place to place your drinks but also acts as a good lounge chair. It’s simple and easy to detach.

Mesh pocket

To have every essential camping item near you, on the sides is a hanging mesh pocket. And while you are permitted to use the table, using the cup holder is more convenient when enjoying coffee.

Detachable headrest

Besides the common armrest and footrest featured in reclining camp chairs, you’ll find a detachable headrest. All these features are meant to offer you the comfort you need.

Compact storage bag

Since it’s not heavy, this comfortable camping chair comes with a carrier bag to move around. The compact storage bag makes it easy to pack in your RV or car.

Who Is It Best For? 

The eight point support makes it best for beach camping and picnic adventure. If you are a heavyweight, we recommend you consider XGEAR Camping Chair. The sturdy steel frame has a weight capacity to carry 300 pounds.  

  • Long and wide backrest and footrest
  • Durable steel frame
  • Strong mesh fabric
  • A detachable table that also acts as a chair
  • Lightweight
  • It’s sometimes not easy to fold
  • The stretching elastic connecting body to the armrest not strong

ALPS Mountaineering Lightweight Fold up Camp Chair


Dimensions: 105.41cm (L) X 82.55cm (W) X 43.18 cm(H)

Weight: 10 pounds (4.535kgs)

Weight Capacity: 225 pounds (102kgs)

Packed size: 8-inch x 41-inch

Frame: Powder coated steel

Cup holders: Available

Storage pouches: Available

Headrest: Available

Armrest: Available

ALPS Mountaineering Lightweight Fold up Camp Chair

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice

ALPS Mountaineering Escape Camp Chair is an average-sized reclining chair that’s affordable. It’s also portable and easy to maintain.

After buying the Escape camp chair, the sturdiness of the steel frame with anti-slips will be your best companion during your outdoor camp. And for a person of average weight, there are no worries this camp chair with footrest will crumble despite being easily foldable.

Besides the frame structure, the fabric material used on both the backrest and footrest is designed to withstand the test of time. The 600D polyester fabric used is strong, durable and can be used in all weather conditions.

Whether you want to use ALPS Mountaineering as a chair without the footrest or with a footrest, removing the footrest is as simple as 1-2-3. With the two buckles and hand-nuts, breaking the footrest away is fast. This makes it a versatile portable and low profile chair for every occasion.

To accommodate taller people, the footrest can easily be lengthened.   

Key Features

Compact storage

As a foldable reclining camp chair with a simple but sturdy frame, this chair will occupy the smallest space in your car’s cargo space. It also folds into a small item making it portable. To be precise, it easily folds to (8 X 4.1) inches making it fit a shoulder carrying bag.

Cup holder

You don’t have to place your dinks on the ground and yet you have a cup holder on the chair’s armrest. To one side of the armrest is a cup holder with a hole reinforced by a hard plastic that also prevents the fabric from fraying. Holding the cup or bottle is a strong mesh fabric to keep the cup ingredients cool.

 Adjustable straps

To adjust the footrest to suit your preferences, joining the reclining camping chair to the footrest are adjustable straps. Always remember, the more you shorten the length of the straps, the more you raise the footrest. And the longer the straps, the flatter the footrest it becomes.

Comfortable seat

The seat is made to take a hammock version which is extra comfortable. The same comfort extends to the chairs back part. The hammock design is meant to handle your weight in a balanced position which maintains the body in a relaxed mode.

Who Is It Best For? 

If you are looking for a lightweight camping chair to use wherever you go, ALPS Mountaineering Escape Camp Chair is best for you. It’s best for outdoor camping.

  • Adjustable and removable footrest
  • Strong and sturdy steel frame
  • High-quality fabric
  • Small in package size and thus portable
  • No storage pockets
  • Only one cup holder

GCI Outdoor 3-Position Reclining Chair with Side Table and Ottoman


Dimensions: 60.96cm (L) X 55.245cm (W) X 97.155cm (H)  

Weight: 16.2 pounds (7.3kgs)

Weight Capacity: 250 Pounds (113.4kgs)

Folded size: (55.25 x 10 x 82) cm

Frame: Steel

Cup holders: Available

Headrest: Available

Armrest: Available

GCI Outdoor 3-Position Reclining Chair with Side Table and Ottoman

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice

GCI Outdoor folds to a small design that’s portable and the footrest stands on its own giving the user the freedom to use it at his/her convenience.

The rounded steel structure of this 3-point reclining camp chair with a footrest is stronger and cannot sink in wet grounds. And while the structure’s weight is above average, it easily folds to a flat design and has a fixed carrying handle. This makes it portable and easy to pack.

On the side is a foldable plastic table attached to the chair by quick to fix flat steel which makes it strong to use. Additionally, on the table is a cup holder to place your bottle or cup in a stable place. The hard plastic used to make the table is long-lasting.

Imagine a reclining chair capable of carrying 250 pounds! This is a result of combining a sturdy steel structure and a durable fabric that’s sawn all-round the steel. The fabric on the backrest has mesh at its centre for an uninterrupted flow of fresh air.

Key Features

Ottoman (Separate footrest)

To the side of the chair is a storage pouch with a footrest for you to pick it. Based on how it’s sawn to the foldable steel, expect neither frays nor tearing of the fabric. This type of footrest will definitely serve you for many years. Again, unfolding and placing it at any distance from the chair places the reclining chair in a different world.

Do not sit on the ottoman unless you are a toddler as its weight capacity is limited to not more than 120 pounds.

3 position backseat reclination

On the armrest is the 3-point reclining points marked on it. Up to the point the backrest is offering your back comfortable support, pull the armrest up. It will move from position 1 to 3. As it moves from position 1-3, the reclination angle increases.

Plastic side table

GCI Outdoor is among the few foldup camping chairs with a stable plastic side table. Cold or hot, you can place your beverages and lunch boxes on the table and not compromise the status of its surface. To make it more useful, built on it is a cup holder.

Who is it best for?

Anyone looking for strong and long-lasting outdoor reclining hair to use during should consider this camping chair. It’s made of steel, can carry 250 pounds and the system used to join the fabric to steel doesn’t let it loose or fray.

  • Easy to fold Ottoman
  • Hard plastic table
  • Breathable mesh fabric at the central part of the backrest
  • Easy and fast to fold technology
  • Heavy to carry
  • A bit expensive
  • Reclination limited to three positions

Spin Master Camping Chair with Canopy and Ottoman 


Dimensions: 5cm (L) X 93cm (W) X 131cm (H)  

Weight: 14.9 pounds (6.75kgs)

Weight Capacity: 250 Pounds (113.4kgs)

Folded size: 91. 44 X 15.24 cm

Frame: Steel

Cup holders: Available

Headrest: Available

Armrest: Available

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice

This 3-in-1 Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair offers a footrest, a canopy for shading you and is suitable for any occasion.

Even though not many are pleased with the depth of the cup holder, you have at least somewhere to place your beverages. It’s conveniently fitted at the armrest. Making the cup holder is a mesh fabric that’s fixed to the armrest by a plastic.

Not to load you with many utilities, the canopy is designed to offer two services. Other than protecting against hot sunny rays, it also folds up to become the chair’s carry bag. A carrying strap is also included on it. Judging from the chair’s fold size, the carry bag will fit the chair.

To take care of your comfort, the sturdy steel structural design provides an ergonomic reclination while the mesh fabric adds extra comfort.  To accommodate every size and weight, the seat is oversized and the strong stand can carry a 250-pound person.

Key Features

Detachable Ottoman footrest

To anyone looking for a reclining camping chair that can be used with or without a footrest, Kelsyus Original is good for you. The comfort offered by the sling cloth can be rated as above average. Whether you are short or tall, the detachable footrest will fit your feet length.

Canopy/carry bag

Nothing can be as frustrating as going beach camping during summer and there is no shade to relax under. To resolve this, this chair comes with a sunshade made of 50+ UPF material to keep you protected when hot.

After folding this chair, also fold and snap the canopy and you’ll have a carry bag to carry the chair on your shoulder. To make it more portable, Kelsyus Original stitched a strap on the canopy.

Mesh fabric

On the seat and at the backrest are strips of mesh fabric stitched with the other material. The mesh is meant to offer extended comfort as it prevents excess warmth causing sweat from accumulating on the contact sides.  

Sturdy frame

Whereas some users claim the chair can carry up to 300 pounds, we recommend you comply with the 250 weight capacity limit. It’s the sturdiness of the steel frame that makes many believe it more strong and durable than its rating. This chair utilizes only steel in its structure.

Who is it best for?

By combining the mesh fabric and canopy, Spin Master is best designed for people intending to go beach camping. It also suits those going backpacking due to the vertical folding design.

  • Detachable footrest
  • Cup holder
  • mesh fabric on both the seat and backrest
  • Canopy to shade
  • No storage pouch
  • The two protruding screws to the sides are dangerous

Portal Comfy Lounge Camping Recliner Chair with Table


Dimensions: 73.6cm (L) X 111.8cm (W) X 76.2cm (H)    

Weight: 27.5 pounds (12.5kgs)

Weight Capacity: 350 Pounds (158.8kgs)

Folding size: (73.7L X 19.1W X 94H) cm  

Frame: Steel

Side table: Available

Cup holders: Available

Headrest: Available

Armrest: Available

Portal Comfy Lounge Camping Recliner Chair with Table

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice

PORTAL Zero Gravity Recliner Chair is strong and can be reclined from 0-170 degrees. Its ergonomic design draws the attention of many.

Just like the other Zero Gravity Recliner Chairs, this seat is made of heavy-duty steel and a high tensile fabric. It’s among the few comfy camping chairs with a weight capacity of 350kgs in the reclining camp chairs category. And with all sides (back height, seat height and seat width oversized, your body size is well covered.

Now imagine relaxing on a folding chair with a footrest that can recline from 0 degrees to 17 degrees!  By pushing the clip button, you can swing the chair to the reclination degree of your choice. The locking system firmly holds the chair to the stand.

The breathable mesh back allows cold and fresh air to circulate thus preventing the sweat likely to build on your back. While the padded seat adds more comfort to an already comfortable chair, the tensile fabric offers a soft back to lie on. To make this zero gravity recliner luxurious, a table with a cup holder is attached to within reach to one of the sides.

Key Features

Adjustable headrest

Since human beings vary in height, the headrest of this chair is built on a track. You can easily adjust the position of the headrest on the track to suit your height. It’s also padded to provide you with a comfortable place to rest your head.

Simple reclining system

While seated on this reclining camp chair, you can fully recline it to 170 degrees and back to zero degrees without stepping out of the chair. Just below the wooden armrest are a clip for you to lock and luck. To unlock and recline the seat more, push the clip back (anti-clockwise) and then the front (clockwise) to lock.

Wooden armrest

For you to feel connected with nature, the armrests of this chair are wooden. Even though the wooden armrests are more fragile, their classiness outweighs the need for hard plastic.   

Who Is It Best For?

If you are looking for the most comfortable reclining chair for outdoor camping,PORTAL Oversized Mesh Back Zero Gravity Recliner Chair is the best for you. The inclusion of adjustable headrest and the ability to recline to 170 degrees best suits outdoor camping.

  • Can recline from 0-170 degrees
  • Availability of an adjustable side table with cup holder
  • padded headrest and seat for extra comfort
  • simple and fast to fold and unfold
  • Not easily portable
  • It’s expensive
  • Large fold size but flat

Sunnyfeel Most Comfortable Camping Rocking Chair


Dimensions: 88cm (L) X 90cm (W) X 96cm (H)

Weight:12.54 pounds (5.7kgs)

Weight Capacity: 300 LBS (136kgs)

Folding size: (18 LX 23 W X 110 H) cm    

Frame: Steel with powder coating

Side pockets: Available

Headrest: Available

Armrest: Available

Sunnyfeel Most Comfortable Camping Rocking Chair

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice

This is among the most durable and comfortable camping chairs you’ll get in the market. Its limited moving joints promise many years of service.

Once you sit on a Sunnyfeel camping chair, the experience is totally different from many other chairs. The 140g padding covered by a breathable mesh fabric makes the chair more comfortable and healthy to relax on. Combining the cloth swing style and a 3D mesh fabric that’s padded as a seat surface, luxury is what you get.

Whereas the steel at the base is likely to sink on wet campsites, the sturdiness of the chair can be noticed by looking at the frame’s structure. The powder-coated steel used is capable of supporting a weight of 136kgs. The folded fabric makes the chair stronger.

To make the structure more sturdy and safe to use, Sunnyfeel utilizes solid locks to firmly hold the frame together. To set the chair at your preferred inclination, loosen the locks and shorten or lengthen the length of the frames.

Key Features

Side pockets

To the sides of the padded mesh fabric are two pockets. Even though they are not that large, they provide the storage space needed to keep things organized. Being located within your hands reach, accessing your belongings is faster and easier.

Luxury padded recliner

Characterizing this Sunnyfeel chair is the bright coloured luxury padded recliner. The puffy recliner makes the chair extra comfortable. With the seat, back and armrest cushioned, you’ll enjoy the camping trip to the maximum.

Solid locks

Folding and storing this reclining camp chair without the locks would be a difficult exercise. The solid locks are used on every joint so as to loosen and tighten whenever folding and unfolding. This also makes the chair fold to a small and portable fold size.

Who is it best for?

By looking at the seat’s extra comfort and sturdiness, Sunnyfeel Rocking chair is best for outdoor camping as well as picnic camping.

  • Extra comfortable
  • Sturdy and strong steel frame
  • Small pack size and portable
  • Easy and fast to fold
  • Side table and cup holder not included
  • Slightly expensive

Intex Inflatable Outdoor Reclining Chair with Ottoman


Dimensions: 127cm (L) X 103. 1cm (W) X 76cm (H)

Weight: 6.39 pounds (2.9kgs)

Weight Capacity: 220 pounds (100kgs)        

Folding size: 18cm (L) X 23cm (L) X 110cm (L)  

Frame: Velvet

Cup holder: Available

Headrest: Available

Armrest: Available

Intex Inflatable Outdoor Reclining Chair with Ottoman

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice

The combination of velvet material and soft vinyl is a luxury one cannot imagine. Its unique design is another factor that influenced the editor’s choice.

Intex Inflatable furniture is among the lightest comfy camping chairs that can be used on all-weather. The waterproof vinyl material is used on all sides to making the chair waterproof. The 21 gauge vinyl is durable enough to lie on every type of surface.

Since inflating and deflating can be equated to assembling, Intex has a 2-in-1 valve wide opening for faster inflating and deflating. It is after deflating that you begin to fold.

It is very light, a factor that qualifies Intex Inflatable Furniture is among the most portable lightweight camping chairs. The material used is the main contributing factor to this.

Key Features

Built-in cup holder

To one side of the reclining camp chair is the built-in cup holder for you to place your items. The depth of the cup holder is reasonably deep to offer the needed grip. In fact, a half-litre bottle will almost be half deep into the holder.


Since you’ve been looking for a camping chair with footrest, INTEX comes with a separate ottoman for you to relax your feet. Once inflated, move the ottoman or footrest to your most convenient point while seated on the inflatable chair. Using the valve, you can reduce the pressure to give the feet a softer relaxing point.

Angled backrest

INTEX being like an inflated chair, the only option to offer the head and arms resting points is by the sides angled. This chair offers an all-round area that acts as the armrest and headrest.

Who Is It Best For?

If you will be spending more time in the lounge area than outdoors or in the RV, nothing should prevent you from buying this reclining camp chair. Its design and exposed risk of puncture make it not fit for use in the forest.

  • Luxurious to use
  • Very light to carry
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Easy to pack and transport
  • High risk to puncture
  • Not convenient for outdoor use
  • Not long-lasting

What is a Folding Reclining Camping Chair?

In general, these are lightweight chairs designed for outdoor use and their structure can easily fold to a size that’s easily portable. This type of camping chairs has their back part reclining so you can lean on. Whereas some have their back reclining at a fixed angle, the greatest percentage made to offer several reclination angles.

Although there are exceptional cases in which the reclining camping chair is inflatable, the majority comes in a steel frame and strong material.

 Benefits of Folding Reclining Camping Chair With Footrest

Talking of the three main terms in this title (Folding, reclining, footrest), there are many benefits gained by using this chair. They include:

i. A place to relax your feet

After assembling a reclining camping chair with footrest, set the adjustable footrest or ottoman at your most convenient distance and relax your feet on it.

ii. Portable

The fact that you can fold the chair to take a flat shape means it can occupy a smaller space in your car. They are usually made light so you can carry them to the desired place at the campsite. It’s for these reasons they come with a carry bag for organized packaging and easy portability on your shoulder.

iii. Several sitting angles

Whether you want to sit at 90 degrees, 120 degrees or 170 degrees, reclining camping chairs are engineered for that. And whereas some like the PORTAL Zero Gravity Recliner Chair allows you to choose any reclination angle from 0-170 degrees, the Adjustable Zero Gravity Lounge Chair is limited to 160 degrees.

iv. Comfortable

Consider the Sunnyfeel Camping Chair and then evaluate the comfort you’ll get. As some designers inline more on relaxing posture, to others it’s a combination of cloth swing style and soft padded material.

Added amenities to folding camping chairs like detachable side tables and cup holders are meant to make you feel more comfortable.

How to Choose the Best Reclining Camping Chair?

People plan for different types of camping. As some choose to go RV camping, backpacking camping, survivalist camping others are planning for hammock camping. All of these scenarios call for different considerations.

To choose the best reclining camping chair that suits your type of camping, consider these three factors first:

  • End-user

f you are not going solo camping, it is sensible if you buy a reclining camping chair that will offer the comfort needed without compromising the state of the chair.

Will it make any sense to buy PHI VILLA Zero Gravity Lounge Chair for your kids whereas there are very beautiful kids camping chairs like Melissa & Doug Cutie Pie Butterfly Camp Chair and Jakks Pacific Minnie Camp Chair?

  • When and where to go camping

Normally, every year has four seasons with different weather conditions. Some regions are always rainy and lightweight recliner chairs with mesh fabric are more suitable.

If you intend to camp on the beach during summer, a recliner camping chair with a canopy will do best.

  • Type of camping

Will you be going backpacking camping or RV camping? Some chairs have a large flat fold size. And while a few are designed to take a vertical shape for backpacking, others take the flat shape to take a smaller space in the cargo area of your car.

Having taken the above points into consideration, the below factors will help choose the exact reclining camping chair that will meet your expectations.

  • Frame durability

A chair whose frame is made of sturdy steel has a guarantee it will last long. When using a folding camp chair with a weak frame, the chances of breaking when assembling are high.

  • Ease of use

You don’t have to buy a chair that will demand you carry a spanner, pliers or any other tool. Or, you will have to ask for assistance from other people.

Buying a reclining chair that’s too detailed in its structure will definitely be complex to use.

  • Extra features

Besides reclining, most camping chairs come with extra features like a detachable table and a footrest to make a better camping experience. And while the cheapest reclining camp chairs do not miss one or two features at no extra cost, choose the ones with many extra features.

The Secrets to Make You Sit in More Comfortable

Not many people do realize they are injuring their spinal cord while seated incorrectly. Excess pressure on your disc or incorrect reclination of the body to the chair is not only uncomfortable but unhealthy.

Here are simple tricks to make you sit more comfortable:

i. Adjust the height of your chair

You’ll never know how comfortable your seat is until you sit with your feet at 90 degrees to the ground and inclined at 30 degrees of your sitting position. If your seat has a height paddle, adjust the height of the seat until your feet are at the right angle when seated.

ii. Add lumbar to your seat

Your back needs support, especially in the lumbar region. To feel the comfort of adding lumber on your seat, buy one and mount it to the chair to support your back.

iii. Fix  armrest pads

Some chairs come with their armrests made of hard plastic.  To make the armrest more comfortable, use armrest pads to cover the armrests. The cushion in the pads will make them comfortable.

iv. Use a seat cushion

When the seat is too farm or has no padding, it will not be comfortable. There are many types of seat cushion online. Just buy one, use it as a seat cushion and the seat will be more comfortable.


a) Are folding reclining camp chairs with footrest suitable for outdoor use?

In general, they are all suitable for use outdoors. However, depending on the weight, frame structure and material, it’s good to consider weather conditions before assembling.

b) Between fixed and detachable footrest, which is better?

Obviously, human beings have different heights. If you want to buy a camp chair that will comfortably support your feet in the right position, a detachable footrest is better. And even if another person sits on the same chair, he/she will adjust the footrest to the desired length.

c) How do you maintain reclining camping chairs in good condition?

Just like any other chair combining fabric and metallic materials, using water and mild dish soap, clean the folding camping chairs gently after use. Again, fold the chair as is required and keep it in its carry bag.

If there are any stubborn stains on the fabric, apply baking soda or vinegar on the stained part and leave to soak for 15-20 minutes. Using a sponge, scrub the stain out and rinse with clean water.  

d) How many chairs should I bring along on a trip?

If you are planning for a camping trip, you need to know the number of people you’ll be going with. In order not to share chairs or sit on the ground, every person should have his/her own. And in case the boot size is too limited, every adult on that trip should have a chair.

If the trip involves backpacking, every individual needs to choose one lightweight chair with a small folding size.

e) Can camping chair get wet?


Where the chair is padded either partially or wholly, it will get wet as the pads absorb water or moisture from the air.

On the other, seats with mesh will absorb very little to no moisture which cannot make the chair wet.

f) Which are the best folding chair brands?  

From the list of folding reclining camping chairs above, it’s evident there are many companies employing every technology to manufacture the best chairs.

Among the best brands you’ll fall in love with include:

  • SKLZ
  • ALPS Mountaineering
  • GCI Outdoor
  • Portal Outdoor
  • Outdoor Living


Not every camp chair will offer you the convenience and comfort you expect in your coming trip. But if you take time to evaluate the reclining camping chairs with footrest from the list above, you’ll find one or two. They all come at different prices. However, it’s more important to choose quality and comfort as opposed to pricing.

Have you been going camping over the past years? If yes, which reclining camp chair has been your most favourite? Kindly share the name with us on our social media platforms.

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