[2022] Best Battery Operated Portable Air Conditioner For Camping

Camping tents or RV’s are always limited in size. Besides considering the battery’s voltage, its size, quietness and portability should count more when buying.

Among portable tent air conditioners,  battery operated portable air conditioners are best for camping because of their lightweight, small size, portability and wide use.

Over the past few years, I’ve used different battery operated portable air conditioners for camping and found the Zero Breeze Mark 2 Air Cooler to be the best for camping during summer.

Mark 2 Air Cooler blows cool air enough to cool your immediate surrounding temperatures within a short period. The versatility of any battery operated air conditioner for camping is very important. And since you cannot limit yourself to staying in the car, RV or tent, you need an air conditioner that can be used both indoors and in the tent.

I’ve learned many lessons when buying these camping essentials. Should they matter to you?

This is why you should consider the following 5 battery operated portable air conditioner for camping.

Reviews: Best 5 Battery Operated Portable Air Conditioner For Camping

Zero Breeze Mark 2  Battery Powered Air Conditioner

Zero Breeze Mark 2  Battery Powered Air Conditioner

From the structure to features, Mark 2 Air Conditioner has revolutionized how a battery powered air conditioner for camping should function. Its size and ease of use are worth making it everyone’s choice. While other conditioners have little to offer but are costly, you’ll find Mark 2 too impressive for its price tag.  

Key Features

  • Powerful smart battery

With the options to charge the 840wh battery using solar or car cigarette adapter, maintaining it fully charged is an easy exercise. And even though it will take between 5 and 8 hours to fully charge, this smart battery will supply you with cool air for 3-5 hours.

  • Nice handle

For you to move around with Mark 2, Zero Breeze added an ergonomic handle to its elegant making it comfortable and easy to carry. The handle size is thoughtfully designed to fit every palm.

  • Dual duct cooling system

To quickly respond to its purpose, this air conditioner is loaded with a dual duct cooling system. Combining it with the mini compressor makes it highly efficient.

  • Remote control

It is uncomfortable waking up at night to manually switch on and off your air conditioner. With mark 2, all you need is taking up the remote and switch it on/ off as you want.

  • Safe to use
    Since it’s a battery operated air conditioner, the risk of shock is eliminated. Again, the large flat base makes Mark 2 the most stable standing air conditioner for camping.
  • Easy to operate
    With the operating buttons openly displayed at the front face and initials written on the buttons, switching on/off requires no tutorials.
  • Multipurpose
    This air conditioner is designed with benefits in three different ways. First, it cools your immediate area within a few minutes. Secondly, the high-speed fan powered by the battery keeps blowing cool air into the tent and lastly, there are LED lights that will keep illuminating thus providing light.
  • Economical
    For this air conditioner to serve its purpose, you need no water, ice cubes nor electricity. After charging the battery using USB, Mark 2 uses a mini compressor to cool air and a fan to blow the cooled air. You won't incur electricity bills nor water bills.
  • Small cooling area
    With the cooling effect estimated to be felt within a space of 25 to 40 sq ft, using it in a large tent would be useless. And since the fan does not rotate 360 degrees, even cooling in the entire tent is impossible.
  • Log charge hours
    To fully charge the battery, you need 6-8 hours. After spending all this time charging, it will only take between 3 to 5 hours for it to be completely drained. 

Who is it best for?

This portable air cooler is the best suitable for people going to summer camping due to its capacity to blow up. And whereas it’s best for enclosed spaces where there is no direct sunlight like in tents, offices and RV’s, it can also be used

iBaste Portable Evaporative Air Conditioner Fan

iBaste Portable Evaporative Air Conditioner Fan

Instead of spending more money on batteries to power up the Portable Air Conditioner, a large capacity power bank is fitted into this air cooler. Besides the carrier handle, its small size makes a favorite choice to campers looking to spend more time in their tents. Its lightweight adds to the portability factor.

Acting as an air humidifier, you’ll find Portable Air Conditioner to be more efficient and quiet compared to conventional air coolers with compressors. This cheap conditioner can be charged from any mobile charging unit. That makes it convenient to use.

Key Features

  • 3 wind control modes

With the easy to adjust 3 wind control modes made available, achieving your desired mist levels makes the hot summer enjoyable. Using the Low/Med and High functions you can set the cool mist levels to suit your health conditions.

  • 7 color-cycle lights  

Using the 7 color-cycle lights, you can make the tent colorful at night. And to suit your moods, the colored lights can be set to play automatically in cycles making them look like disco lights. Alternatively, set a single color that compliments with your holiday theme. It can be fun and romantic.

  • Cordless  

This feature makes it more convenient to use as it can stand on any surface and make it look ornamental. Combining the cordless base and flat base makes Portable Air Conditioner safer. Accidental falls that would be injurious are at minimal levels.

  • Large water tank

All you need is to fill the large water tank once and the fan will blow cold mist air as long as the battery can power the fan. This means it’s easy to maintain.

  • Portable
    Using the handle, carrying the evaporative air conditioner from one area to another is simple. It's also light in weight and is small-sized. These factors make it a recommendable portable air cooler for tent camping and outdoor use.
  • Less costs
    With only ice cubes and a fully charged battery, your camping tent will be filled with cold air full of humidity. Since you can charge the battery from your laptop, you’ll spend no money to run this air conditioner.
  • Fresh filtered air
    The cooled air is passed through a filter which removes impurities leaving the fresh and cool air to keep circulating in the roomed tent. And with the 12-inch fan rotating at high speed mode, the fresh air is blown to the furthest corner.
  • Easy to use
    After filling the air conditioner with ice cubes, the next step is pressing the start button, and you are done. To adjust the fan speed, the adjusting buttons are openly displayed for you to press.
  • Noise level
    Even though not every user will notice the high noise level, you’ll find the noise level when the fan is oscillating at high speed to be uncomfortable. You may even be scared to use it at night when camping alone.
  • Bright coloured lights
    Whereas using the 7-color cycle lights at night would make more sense, the lights are a bit too bright  for any conscious person to bear. Unless you are used to sleeping at night with light on.
  • High humidity
    Portable air conditioner works on the principle of blowing wet air to induce the cooling effect. As the wet air continues to accumulate in the room or tent, the humidity level goes up. It is a healthy risk to spend long hours in an enclosed area with this air cooler operating at high speed.

Who is it best for?

Due to its small size, flexible carrier handle and portable design, Portable Air Conditioner is best suitable for space constrained type of camping. If you’ll intend to spend more time in your tent this summer holiday, this is your ideal battery powered air conditioner for camping.

Personal Air Cooler Portable Evaporative Conditioner

Personal Air Cooler Portable Evaporative Conditioner

To make Personal Air Cooler more modern and easy to operate, it features a tempered glass panel with simple touch screen control functions. Having no ozone refrigerant makes Personal Air Conditioner the healthiest portable air conditioner for camping tent.

To keep this air cooler supplying your tent or car with cold mist, you only need to add water, add ice cubes into the water tank and press the power function to start. This 6.4-inch boxed air conditioner weighs 2.4 lbs which means it’s portable.

Key Features

  • Detachable Filters  

For you to receive fresh air at all time, Personal Air Conditioner is equipped with detachable and washable filters. This simple yet important feature will ensure you stay in a fresh and healthy environment.

  • 3 wind speed functions  

Whether you need high speed or low speed cool winds, the wind speed functions will help you achieve exactly that. With the tip of your figure, tap on either the low/med or high button.

  • Gear timer

Instead of taping on the control functions all the time, just set the gear timer and you’ll enjoy the effects of the air cooler at your convenience. This timer enables users to keep the conditioner at sleep mode for 6 hours, provide cold wind for 3 hours and stop for 1 hour.

  • USB port

Charging this evaporative conditioner is made easier by the universal USB port that adapts to any charging unit.

  • Easy control functions
    To operate Personal Air Conditioner, you only need to press your finger on the touch screen display functions. Whether it's changing the fan speed, setting the timer or switching on/off, the functions at the topside are simple and easy to operate.
  • Light and small in size
    This air cooler will not occupy much of your space in the car's boot or tent. By being lightweight, walking with it in your hands won't make you exhausted.
  • Consumes low DC energy
    Due to its efficiency, expect longer running hours. The low resistant fan motor consumes low energy and the fan blades are made light.
  • Affordable
    For a very low price, you’ll own a portable battery air conditioner for camping tent that will provide the coldness you desire. Comparing the included features and its effectiveness with the pricing, you get more than you pay for.
  • Ergonomic design
    Placing the Kgihope Personal Air cooler on your car's dashboard or office desk will make it appear ornamental. The cubicle design characterised by smooth surfaces brings out the incomparable beauty in this device.
  • Low USB cable voltage
    To fully charge this air conditioner, it’s advisable to buy a standard USB cable capable of transferring high voltage in a short time. The USB cable included in the packaging is of low voltage.
  • High noise level
    When operated this air conditioner at high speed mode, the sound level is as high as 60db. This means the noise level at night is above average. With toddlers in the camping tent or house, you may be forced to endure the hot weather condition or operate it at low speed.

Who is it best for?

Since the Personal Air Conditioner is capable of cooling your immediate area, it’s best for people sheltering themselves in a small tent or in an enclosed space. If you are working in an office during hot days, this device is also ideal for you.

Geek Aire Rechargeable Battery Operated Misting Fan

Geek Aire Rechargeable Battery Operated Misting Fan

This battery operated misting fan comes with 15000mAh that provides continuous power for up to 6-9 hours. And with the batteries being detachable, you can recharge multiple power bank packs and enjoy uninterrupted refreshing cool mist for over 48 hours.

With the misting pipe being detachable, the back fitted with a handle and weighing 7.1 lbs moving it is easy. To spray cold mist evenly, Geek Aire Misting Fan has three spray nozzles. For variable mist blasts, there is a Stepless speed control above the battery housing.

The durability of the coated metallic stand is life promising. Expect long service once you own this 12v portable air conditioner for camping tent.

Key Features

  • High speed fan

The high speed fan makes Geek Air Misting Fan the best portable air conditioner for tent camping as it can blow cold mist to a length of 11.5ft. With the fan rotating at high speed, the cold mist covers 360 degrees thus cooling the entire surrounding.

  • Multipurpose Power bank

Even though the power bank is purposely meant to power the rotating fan, you can also use it to charge mobile phones and other devices. Its capacity is large enough to keep the air conditioner running for long.

  • Misting pipe

With the power bank fully charged, the misting pipe if connected to a large water reserve will enable this misting fan to cool your surrounding for hours. This means, if you are camping in an area with water supply, managing the fan is simple and easy.

  • Light and easy to carry
    With the frame structure made of plastic, you’ll find this rechargeable misting fan very light to carry. Fixed to the frame at the back side is a strong and comfortable handle that will fit into your palm perfectly well.
  • Long life span
    Offering the standing base is a strong, rustproof and coated stand made to last for many years. You’ll not spend extra coins buying replacement parts.
  • 360 degree cold mist
    Other than the three misting nozzles, the top part rotates 360 degrees thus cooling the entire space evenly. You’ll not need to keep lifting or rotating the air conditioner to point at a specific direction.
  • No adjustment knob
    You’ll sometimes need the misting fan to direct the cold air in a certain direction. Sadly, this will be impossible as there is no adjustment knob nor control function to hold the rotating fan to one direction.

Who is it best for?

Geek Air Misting Fan is more suitable for camping, outdoor picnic and relaxing at the patio. This is due to its capability to blow cold mist to a large area.

OPOLAR Battery Operated Cooling Misting Fan

OPOLAR Battery Operated Cooling Misting Fan

The peg-like sturdy clamp of this air conditioner is meant to offer firm grip when mounting on any frame. With its 2-inch opening distance, you can clamp it on any firm support. For the OPOLAR Misting Fan to meet your specific needs, it features a three speed motor and large capacity battery.

Weighing only 0.444 lbs and measuring 3.94 x 3.94 x 3.94 inches, you won’t feel the weight when carrying and neither will it occupy much space in your car’s trunk. With the fan capable of rotating 360 degrees, be assured cold mist will be blown to every corner.

Key Features

  • Sizable water tank

The smoothly designed top covering of this misting fan is actually a 200 ml water tank that’s easy to fill. Just open the rubber stopper and pour water till full.

  • USB charging feature

Connect the provided USB cable to the micro-USB charging port on the battery. The fast charge battery loaded to this portable air conditioner for camping tent takes 5-6 hours to fully charge. Once charged, the 10000mAh battery powers the fun for over 48 hours.

  • Speed controls

If you clip the misting fan close to your body, the 3-motor speed controls will enable you to control misting speed. The speed controls are high/low/high.

  • Direct misting
    Seated in your camping chair or relaxing in the tent, the central nozzle will directly send the misty cold air to the direction you want. It comes with a clip, so you can hold it firmly in one direction.
  • Adjustable misting options
    Besides setting the mist output, this feature enables users to regulate humidity level. This also makes OPOLAR Battery Operated Cooling Misting Fan the ideal air cooler for beach camping as you control the misting level according to the sea mist level.
  • Average sound level
    With the air conditioner sound level rated at 51dB, this little noise may be good at soothing you to sleep. Healthy risks associated with prolonged loud sound is eliminated by the low sound from the fan.
  • Easy to operate
    After easily filling the water tank, the next step is to clip the air conditioner to a firm stand and then press the start button. The only other exercise is connecting it to the charging unit using a USB cable. Who really can't do that?
  • Multi use
    If you feel the air is too dry, this is the best humidifier for short results. During hot summer, it’s an ideal air cooler for tent camping.
  • Long battery charging period
    If you need to keep it running for long hours, just buy an extra battery for interchanging. This is because it will take several hours to fully charge the 10000mAh battery.
  • Not durable
    Do you expect a 100 percent plastic device to last long? The clip seems to be made to last a few months if put to a constant use.

Who is it best for?

Owing to the air conditioners one spray nozzle which is located at the middle, OPOLAR is best for solo campers. And mostly not that powerful, it’s good you use it in a closed area like in a tent.

What Is A Battery-Operated Air Conditioner?

For an air conditioners’ compressor or fan to operate there has to be a source of power. This power source can either be electricity (a/c) or battery. Air conditioners that only operate with battery as their main power source are termed as battery-operated air conditioners.

Is Evaporative Cooler And Air Conditioner Different?

Evaporative coolers and air conditioners are different. The key role of these two devices is the same – cool the immediate environment you are in. Their concept of operation is what sets them apart. While air conditioners draw heat from your immediate area and dispense the heat to the outside, evaporative coolers blow misty air to cool the area.


Air conditioners use coils filled with a refrigerant that absorbs heat inside the room. Once the refrigerant gets heated, it turns to gas which is then pumped to the condenser coil where it condenses to liquid and loses the heat.

On the other hand, evaporative coolers do not use refrigerants or other chemicals but rely on water. Water from an outside source or an inbuilt tank drips onto an evaporative pad through which hot air is cooled and blown by a fan to the area in which it’s directed.

Why Choose a Battery Powered Air Conditioner?

There are many reasons as to why you should choose a battery powered air conditioner whether for indoor or outdoor use. They include;

  1. Portability – as opposed to corded air conditioners, moving around with a battery operated air conditioner is always unrestricted. Carrying them to the patio or camping area is easy.
  2. Uninterrupted functioning – Most of these air conditioners are loaded with a high capacity battery that provides continuous power for many hours. As a/c air conditioners are faced with power blackout interruptions, battery powered air conditioners operate till the battery is drained completely.
  3. Low costs – All you need to keep the battery powered air conditioner running is a charged battery. And since the majority of them are manufactured with built-in water reservoir, energy costs and water bills are minimal.
  4. Wide use – Whether in a car, tent, boat or in a recreational facility, you can use them with much ease. Just place them near you and enjoy your hot summer.

How to Choose a Battery Operated Air Conditioner for Camping?

Before committing your hard-earned finances to any air conditioner for camping, there are many features worth evaluating.

1. Battery capacity

You don’t need to buy a device that will operate for an hour and start charging again. Choosing an air conditioner whose battery rating is above 10000mAh will promise a reasonable running time of cool and pure air. The need for frequent charging will also be reduced.

2. Noise level

It will be unbearable to sleep in a tent at night with an air conditioner whose Noise level is above 85dBA. In fact, the noise level whether the air conditioner is operating at high speed or low speed should not exceed 55 dBA. According to the World Health Organization, environmental noises should be below 70 dBA.

3. Fan speed control functions

Since weather conditions keep changing, speed controls would be critical when the urgency to adjust levels of cold air arises. Again, motor speed controls help regulate sound levels.

4. Warranty

Every manufactured product is susceptible to have factory defaults. If by bad luck you buy a faulty device without a warranty, you’ll have no other option but to repair it at your own cost. And with battery operated air conditioner for camping, there are many components raising the possibility of finding a faulty one. 

5. Recharge period

With the majority of battery powered air conditioners estimated to continuously run for about 3-5 hours, you either choose one with a short recharge period or carry an extra fully charged battery. There are areas you’ll need to keep the air conditioner running for long hours during the day and at night. What happens if the battery completely drains and you have to recharge it for 6-8 hours?

6. Size  

When going camping, you’ll need to carry with yourself small-sized devices and camping essentials. By so doing you reserve the limited cargo space in your car for more items. You would also not need an air conditioner that stresses you as you set and plan your camping tent, car or RV. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How much cooling can be expected from air conditioners powered by batteries?

Battery powered air conditioners do not have a high cooling capacity compared to electric air conditioners. Expect a cooling of between 80,000 btu to 14,000 btu when using the battery operated air conditioner.

What can I do to increase the cooling effect of portable air conditioner units?

To increase the cooling effect, start by closing off your space to minimize the amount of cooled air escaping to the outside. Secondly, clean the unit’s condenser outside part. These will improve the condensing efficiency which results in more heat loss.

When using an evaporative cooler, should tent vent flaps be open or closed?

For healthy purposes, the tent vent flaps should be open. This is because the mist air increases the humidity to high levels which may be dangerous. By opening the vent flaps, the humidity is released to the outside thus staying in a tent with average humidity.

Is a portable air conditioner better than a window air conditioner for camping?


A portable air conditioner is simple and easy to use in a tent or RV. And with the majority being small in size and comprising a few components, it can be placed in any place.

How to keep cool for using a tent air conditioner?

For you to keep enjoying hot summer, it’s advisable to adjust the tent air conditioner fan speed to low level. This will enable the air conditioner to run for a long period and the humidity levels will remain at minimum levels even without opening the tent vents.

What are the safety tips when using a real AC for camping?

Using a real AC for camping is good but a little dangerous if safety precautions are not observed. The first safety tip is ensuring the electrical cables are well insulated. And since many are tempted to close every opening closed at night, it’s good to set the AC to run for a few hours. Don’t forget to switch off the AC after achieving the desired temperature levels.


There are hundreds of battery powered air conditioner brands in the market today. Would you go for the renowned brands, or you’ll evaluate the features of each specific air conditioner? Battery operated portable air conditioner for camping will only offer the service you desire if selected wisely.

From the list of air conditioners listed above, which one would you recommend others to buy?

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