Top 5 Battery Operated Portable Air Conditioner For Camping [2021 Review]

Camping tents or RV’s are always limited in size. Besides considering the battery’s voltage, its size, quietness and portability should count more when buying.

Among portable tent air conditioners,  battery operated portable air conditioners are best for camping because of their lightweight, small size, portability and wide use.

Over the past few years, I’ve used different battery operated portable air conditioners for camping and found the Zero Breeze Mark 2 Air Cooler to be the best for camping during summer.

Mark 2 Air Cooler blows cool air enough to cool your immediate surrounding temperatures within a short period. The versatility of any battery operated air conditioner for camping is very important. And since you cannot limit yourself to staying in the car, RV or tent, you need an air conditioner that can be used both indoors and in the tent.

I’ve learned many lessons when buying these camping essentials. Should they matter to you?

This is why you should consider the following 5 battery operated portable air conditioner for camping.

Reviews: Best 5 Battery Operated Portable Air Conditioner For Camping

Zero Breeze Mark 2  Battery Powered Air Conditioner

From the structure to features, Mark 2 Air Conditioner has revolutionized how a battery powered air conditioner for camping should function. Its size and ease of use are worth making it everyone’s choice. While other conditioners have little to offer but are costly, you’ll find Mark 2 too impressive for its price tag.  

Key Features

  • Powerful smart battery

With the options to charge the 840wh battery using solar or car cigarette adapter, maintaining it fully charged is an easy exercise. And even though it will take between 5 and 8 hours to fully charge, this smart battery will supply you with cool air for 3-5 hours.

  • Nice handle

For you to move around with Mark 2, Zero Breeze added an ergonomic handle to its elegant making it comfortable and easy to carry. The handle size is thoughtfully designed to fit every palm.

  • Dual duct cooling system

To quickly respond to its purpose, this air conditioner is loaded with a dual duct cooling system. Combining it with the mini compressor makes it highly efficient.

  • Remote control

It is uncomfortable waking up at night to manually switch on and off your air conditioner. With mark 2, all you need is taking up the remote and switch it on/ off as you want.

  • Safe to use
    Since it’s a battery operated air conditioner, the risk of shock is eliminated. Again, the large flat base makes Mark 2 the most stable standing air conditioner for camping.
  • Easy to operate
    With the operating buttons openly displayed at the front face and initials written on the buttons, switching on/off requires no tutorials.
  • Multipurpose
    This air conditioner is designed with benefits in three different ways. First, it cools your immediate area within a few minutes. Secondly, the high-speed fan powered by the battery keeps blowing cool air into the tent and lastly, there are LED lights that will keep illuminating thus providing light.
  • Economical
    For this air conditioner to serve its purpose, you need no water, ice cubes nor electricity. After charging the battery using USB, Mark 2 uses a mini compressor to cool air and a fan to blow the cooled air. You won't incur electricity bills nor water bills.
  • Small cooling area
    With the cooling effect estimated to be felt within a space of 25 to 40 sq ft, using it in a large tent would be useless. And since the fan does not rotate 360 degrees, even cooling in the entire tent is impossible.
  • Log charge hours
    To fully charge the battery, you need 6-8 hours. After spending all this time charging, it will only take between 3 to 5 hours for it to be completely drained. 

Who is it best for?

This portable air cooler is the best suitable for people going to summer camping due to its capacity to blow up. And whereas it’s best for enclosed spaces where there is no direct sunlight like in tents, offices and RV’s, it can also be used

iBaste Portable Evaporative Air Conditioner Fan

Instead of spending more money on batteries to power up the Portable Air Conditioner, a large capacity power bank is fitted into this air cooler. Besides the carrier handle, its small size makes a favorite choice to campers looking to spend more time in their tents. Its lightweight adds to the portability factor.

Acting as an air humidifier, you’ll find Portable Air Conditioner to be more efficient and quiet compared to conventional air coolers with compressors. This cheap conditioner can be charged from any mobile charging unit. That makes it convenient to use.

Key Features

  • 3 wind control modes

With the easy to adjust 3 wind control modes made available, achieving your desired mist levels makes the hot summer enjoyable. Using the Low/Med and High functions you can set the cool mist levels to suit your health conditions.

  • 7 color-cycle lights  

Using the 7 color-cycle lights, you can make the tent colorful at night. And to suit your moods, the colored lights can be set to play automatically in cycles making them look like disco lights. Alternatively, set a single color that compliments with your holiday theme. It can be fun and romantic.

  • Cordless  

This feature makes it more convenient to use as it can stand on any surface and make it look ornamental. Combining the cordless base and flat base makes Portable Air Conditioner safer. Accidental falls that would be injurious are at minimal levels.

  • Large water tank

All you need is to fill the large water tank once and the fan will blow cold mist air as long as the battery can power the fan. This means it’s easy to maintain.

  • Portable
    Using the handle, carrying the evaporative air conditioner from one area to another is simple. It's also light in weight and is small-sized. These factors make it a recommendable portable air cooler for tent camping and outdoor use.
  • Less costs
    With only ice cubes and a fully charged battery, your camping tent will be filled with cold air full of humidity. Since you can charge the battery from your laptop, you’ll spend no money to run this air conditioner.
  • Fresh filtered air
    The cooled air is passed through a filter which removes impurities leaving the fresh and cool air to keep circulating in the roomed tent. And with the 12-inch fan rotating at high speed mode, the fresh air is blown to the furthest corner.
  • Easy to use
    After filling the air conditioner with ice cubes, the next step is pressing the start button, and you are done. To adjust the fan speed, the adjusting buttons are openly displayed for you to press.
  • Noise level
    Even though not every user will notice the high noise level, you’ll find the noise level when the fan is oscillating at high speed to be uncomfortable. You may even be scared to use it at night when camping alone.
  • Bright coloured lights
    Whereas using the 7-color cycle lights at night would make more sense, the lights are a bit too bright  for any conscious person to bear. Unless you are used to sleeping at night with light on.
  • High humidity
    Portable air conditioner works on the principle of blowing wet air to induce the cooling effect. As the wet air continues to accumulate in the room or tent, the humidity level goes up. It is a healthy risk to spend long hours in an enclosed area with this air cooler operating at high speed.

Who is it best for?

Due to its small size, flexible carrier handle and portable design, Portable Air Conditioner is best suitable for space constrained type of camping. If you’ll intend to spend more time in your tent this summer holiday, this is your ideal battery powered air conditioner for camping.

Personal Air Cooler Portable Evaporative Conditioner

To make Personal Air Cooler more modern and easy to operate, it features a tempered glass panel with simple touch screen control functions. Having no ozone refrigerant makes Personal Air Conditioner the healthiest portable air conditioner for camping tent.

To keep this air cooler supplying your tent or car with cold mist, you only need to add water, add ice cubes into the water tank and press the power function to start. This 6.4-inch boxed air conditioner weighs 2.4 lbs which means it’s portable.

Key Features

  • Detachable Filters  

For you to receive fresh air at all time, Personal Air Conditioner is equipped with detachable and washable filters. This simple yet important feature will ensure you stay in a fresh and healthy environment.

  • 3 wind speed functions  

Whether you need high speed or low speed cool winds, the wind speed functions will help you achieve exactly that. With the tip of your figure, tap on either the low/med or high button.

  • Gear timer

Instead of taping on the control functions all the time, just set the gear timer and you’ll enjoy the effects of the air cooler at your convenience. This timer enables users to keep the conditioner at sleep mode for 6 hours, provide cold wind for 3 hours and stop for 1 hour.

  • USB port

Charging this evaporative conditioner is made easier by the universal USB port that adapts to any charging unit.

  • Easy control functions
    To operate Personal Air Conditioner, you only need to press your finger on the touch screen display functions. Whether it's changing the fan speed, setting the timer or switching on/off, the functions at the topside are simple and easy to operate.
  • Light and small in size
    This air cooler will not occupy much of your space in the car's boot or tent. By being lightweight, walking with it in your hands won't make you exhausted.
  • Consumes low DC energy
    Due to its efficiency, expect longer running hours. The low resistant fan motor consumes low energy and the fan blades are made light.
  • Affordable
    For a very low price, you’ll own a portable battery air conditioner for camping tent that will provide the coldness you desire. Comparing the included features and its effectiveness with the pricing, you get more than you pay for.
  • Ergonomic design
    Placing the Kgihope Personal Air cooler on your car's dashboard or office desk will make it appear ornamental. The cubicle design characterised by smooth surfaces brings out the incomparable beauty in this device.
  • Low USB cable voltage
    To fully charge this air conditioner, it’s advisable to buy a standard USB cable capable of transferring high voltage in a short time. The USB cable included in the packaging is of low voltage.
  • High noise level
    When operated this air conditioner at high speed mode, the sound level is as high as 60db. This means the noise level at night is above average. With toddlers in the camping tent or house, you may be forced to endure the hot weather condition or operate it at low speed.

Who is it best for?

Since the Personal Air Conditioner is capable of cooling your immediate area, it’s best for people sheltering themselves in a small tent or in an enclosed space. If you are working in an office during hot days, this device is also ideal for you.

Geek Aire Rechargeable Battery Operated Misting Fan

This battery operated misting fan comes with 15000mAh that provides continuous power for up to 6-9 hours. And with the batteries being detachable, you can recharge multiple power bank packs and enjoy uninterrupted refreshing cool mist for over 48 hours.

With the misting pipe being detachable, the back fitted with a handle and weighing 7.1 lbs moving it is easy. To spray cold mist evenly, Geek Aire Misting Fan has three spray nozzles. For variable mist blasts, there is a Stepless speed control above the battery housing.

The durability of the coated metallic stand is life promising. Expect long service once you own this 12v portable air conditioner for camping tent.

Key Features

  • High speed fan

The high speed fan makes Geek Air Misting Fan the best portable air conditioner for tent camping as it can blow cold mist to a length of 11.5ft. With the fan rotating at high speed, the cold mist covers 360 degrees thus cooling the entire surrounding.

  • Multipurpose Power bank

Even though the power bank is purposely meant to power the rotating fan, you can also use it to charge mobile phones and other devices. Its capacity is large enough to keep the air conditioner running for long.

  • Misting pipe

With the power bank fully charged, the misting pipe if connected to a large water reserve will enable this misting fan to cool your surrounding for hours. This means, if you are camping in an area with water supply, managing the fan is simple and easy.

  • Light and easy to carry
    With the frame structure made of plastic, you’ll find this rechargeable misting fan very light to carry. Fixed to the frame at the back side is a strong and comfortable handle that will fit into your palm perfectly well.
  • Long life span
    Offering the standing base is a strong, rustproof and coated stand made to last for many years. You’ll not spend extra coins buying replacement parts.
  • 360 degree cold mist
    Other than the three misting nozzles, the top part rotates 360 degrees thus cooling the entire space evenly. You’ll not need to keep lifting or rotating the air conditioner to point at a specific direction.
  • No adjustment knob
    You’ll sometimes need the misting fan to direct the cold air in a certain direction. Sadly, this will be impossible as there is no adjustment knob nor control function to hold the rotating fan to one direction.

Who is it best for?

Geek Air Misting Fan is more suitable for camping, outdoor picnic and relaxing at the patio. This is due to its capability to blow cold mist to a large area.

OPOLAR Battery Operated Cooling Misting Fan

The peg-like sturdy clamp of this air conditioner is meant to offer firm grip when mounting on any frame. With its 2-inch opening distance, you can clamp it on any firm support. For the OPOLAR Misting Fan to meet your specific needs, it features a three speed motor and large capacity battery.

Weighing only 0.444 lbs and measuring 3.94 x 3.94 x 3.94 inches, you won’t feel the weight when carrying and neither will it occupy much space in your car’s trunk. With the fan capable of rotating 360 degrees, be assured cold mist will be blown to every corner.

Key Features

  • Sizable water tank

The smoothly designed top covering of this misting fan is actually a 200 ml water tank that’s easy to fill. Just open the rubber stopper and pour water till full.

  • USB charging feature

Connect the provided USB cable to the micro-USB charging port on the battery. The fast charge battery loaded to this portable air conditioner for camping tent takes 5-6 hours to fully charge. Once charged, the 10000mAh battery powers the fun for over 48 hours.

  • Speed controls

If you clip the misting fan close to your body, the 3-motor speed controls will enable you to control misting speed. The speed controls are high/low/high.

  • Direct misting
    Seated in your camping chair or relaxing in the tent, the central nozzle will directly send the misty cold air to the direction you want. It comes with a clip, so you can hold it firmly in one direction.
  • Adjustable misting options
    Besides setting the mist output, this feature enables users to regulate humidity level. This also makes OPOLAR Battery Operated Cooling Misting Fan the ideal air cooler for beach camping as you control the misting level according to the sea mist level.
  • Average sound level
    With the air conditioner sound level rated at 51dB, this little noise may be good at soothing you to sleep. Healthy risks associated with prolonged loud sound is eliminated by the low sound from the fan.
  • Easy to operate
    After easily filling the water tank, the next step is to clip the air conditioner to a firm stand and then press the start button. The only other exercise is connecting it to the charging unit using a USB cable. Who really can't do that?
  • Multi use
    If you feel the air is too dry, this is the best humidifier for short results. During hot summer, it’s an ideal air cooler for tent camping.
  • Long battery charging period
    If you need to keep it running for long hours, just buy an extra battery for interchanging. This is because it will take several hours to fully charge the 10000mAh battery.
  • Not durable
    Do you expect a 100 percent plastic device to last long? The clip seems to be made to last a few months if put to a constant use.

Who is it best for?

Owing to the air conditioners one spray nozzle which is located at the middle, OPOLAR is best for solo campers. And mostly not that powerful, it’s good you use it in a closed area like in a tent.

What Is A Battery-Operated Air Conditioner?

For an air conditioners’ compressor or fan to operate there has to be a source of power. This power source can either be electricity (a/c) or battery. Air conditioners that only operate with battery as their main power source are termed as battery-operated air conditioners.

Is Evaporative Cooler And Air Conditioner Different?

Evaporative coolers and air conditioners are different. The key role of these two devices is the same – cool the immediate environment you are in. Their concept of operation is what sets them apart. While air conditioners draw heat from your immediate area and dispense the heat to the outside, evaporative coolers blow misty air to cool the area.

Air conditioners use coils filled with a refrigerant that absorbs heat inside the room. Once the refrigerant gets heated, it turns to gas which is then pumped to the condenser coil where it condenses to liquid and loses the heat.

On the other hand, evaporative coolers do not use refrigerants or other chemicals but rely on water. Water from an outside source or an inbuilt tank drips onto an evaporative pad through which hot air is cooled and blown by a fan to the area in which it’s directed.

Why Choose a Battery Powered Air Conditioner?

There are many reasons as to why you should choose a battery powered air conditioner whether for indoor or outdoor use. They include;

  1. Portability – as opposed to corded air conditioners, moving around with a battery operated air conditioner is always unrestricted. Carrying them to the patio or camping area is easy.
  2. Uninterrupted functioning – Most of these air conditioners are loaded with a high capacity battery that provides continuous power for many hours. As a/c air conditioners are faced with power blackout interruptions, battery powered air conditioners operate till the battery is drained completely.
  3. Low costs – All you need to keep the battery powered air conditioner running is a charged battery. And since the majority of them are manufactured with built-in water reservoir, energy costs and water bills are minimal.
  4. Wide use – Whether in a car, tent, boat or in a recreational facility, you can use them with much ease. Just place them near you and enjoy your hot summer.

How to Choose a Battery Operated Air Conditioner for Camping?

Before committing your hard-earned finances to any air conditioner for camping, there are many features worth evaluating.

1. Battery capacity

You don’t need to buy a device that will operate for an hour and start charging again. Choosing an air conditioner whose battery rating is above 10000mAh will promise a reasonable running time of cool and pure air. The need for frequent charging will also be reduced.

2. Noise level

It will be unbearable to sleep in a tent at night with an air conditioner whose Noise level is above 85dBA. In fact, the noise level whether the air conditioner is operating at high speed or low speed should not exceed 55 dBA. According to the World Health Organization, environmental noises should be below 70 dBA.

3. Fan speed control functions

Since weather conditions keep changing, speed controls would be critical when the urgency to adjust levels of cold air arises. Again, motor speed controls help regulate sound levels.

4. Warranty

Every manufactured product is susceptible to have factory defaults. If by bad luck you buy a faulty device without a warranty, you’ll have no other option but to repair it at your own cost. And with battery operated air conditioner for camping, there are many components raising the possibility of finding a faulty one. 

5. Recharge period

With the majority of battery powered air conditioners estimated to continuously run for about 3-5 hours, you either choose one with a short recharge period or carry an extra fully charged battery. There are areas you’ll need to keep the air conditioner running for long hours during the day and at night. What happens if the battery completely drains and you have to recharge it for 6-8 hours?

6. Size  

When going camping, you’ll need to carry with yourself small-sized devices and camping essentials. By so doing you reserve the limited cargo space in your car for more items. You would also not need an air conditioner that stresses you as you set and plan your camping tent, car or RV. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How much cooling can be expected from air conditioners powered by batteries?

Battery powered air conditioners do not have a high cooling capacity compared to electric air conditioners. Expect a cooling of between 80,000 btu to 14,000 btu when using the battery operated air conditioner.

What can I do to increase the cooling effect of portable air conditioner units?

To increase the cooling effect, start by closing off your space to minimize the amount of cooled air escaping to the outside. Secondly, clean the unit’s condenser outside part. These will improve the condensing efficiency which results in more heat loss.

When using an evaporative cooler, should tent vent flaps be open or closed?

For healthy purposes, the tent vent flaps should be open. This is because the mist air increases the humidity to high levels which may be dangerous. By opening the vent flaps, the humidity is released to the outside thus staying in a tent with average humidity.

Is a portable air conditioner better than a window air conditioner for camping?


A portable air conditioner is simple and easy to use in a tent or RV. And with the majority being small in size and comprising a few components, it can be placed in any place.

How to keep cool for using a tent air conditioner?

For you to keep enjoying hot summer, it’s advisable to adjust the tent air conditioner fan speed to low level. This will enable the air conditioner to run for a long period and the humidity levels will remain at minimum levels even without opening the tent vents.

What are the safety tips when using a real AC for camping?

Using a real AC for camping is good but a little dangerous if safety precautions are not observed. The first safety tip is ensuring the electrical cables are well insulated. And since many are tempted to close every opening closed at night, it’s good to set the AC to run for a few hours. Don’t forget to switch off the AC after achieving the desired temperature levels.


There are hundreds of battery powered air conditioner brands in the market today. Would you go for the renowned brands, or you’ll evaluate the features of each specific air conditioner? Battery operated portable air conditioner for camping will only offer the service you desire if selected wisely.

From the list of air conditioners listed above, which one would you recommend others to buy?

9 Best Reclining Camping Chairs with Footrest Reviews [2021]

Whether you intend to go tent camping, RV camping or hammock camping, you’ll definitely need a reclining camp chair to sit on as you relax. And if you engage in tough exercises, reclining camping chairs with footrest would be the ideal choice.

There are many different types of outdoor reclining chairs that you can use when camping. But does the chair you choose help support your head, harms or help your feet relax?

For maximum comfort and relaxation, all you need is the most comfortable portable chair that can recline to the right position and at the same time over the feet a place to rest. Here is a list of the best 9 reclining camping chairs with footrest.

SKLZ Sport-Brella 3-Position Recliner Chair with Removable Umbrella and Footrest


Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 39 inches

Weight: 13.5 Pounds (12kgs)

Weight Capacity: 250 Pounds (113kgs)

Frame: lightweight steel

Cup holders: Available

Storage pouches: Available

Headrest: Available

Armrest: Available

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice

Sport-Brella Recliner Chair comes 3 in 1 and the structural design offers comfortable support to all body parts.

If you want a recliner chair that you can sleep on, sit upright or recline to whatever position you want, Sport–Brella should be your no.1 list. As you rest your arms, picking those bottles of juices from the storage pockets and placing cups on the cup holders needs no effort. They are placed at your figure tips.

This isn’t one of those chairs you would wish to walk around with but think of all the utilities you’ll get from this adjustable camping chair. Apart from shading you from the scorching sun, rest assured the chair will not sink in wet surfaces. Again, to rest your feet at the right position, the footrest is hooked to an adjustable strap.

Key Features

Adjustable umbrella

Since the sun is always in rotation, Sport-Brella is equipped with an adjustable umbrella that utilizes push-button adjustments, so you are shaded throughout the day. And to rotate the umbrella with the sun, you have the option to fix it on any side of the chair or use the 3-way swivel to adjust the umbrella.

Adjusting hinges

For you to recline the back part, a three-point adjusting hinge is fitted on the supporting steel stands holding the back fabric. So, whether you want to lie flat, relax with the camping chair at 120 degrees or sit at 90 degrees it’s quite easy. Use your hand to press the button on the stand then rotate it to the angle you want.

Storage pockets and cup holders

To add luxury to the chair, hanging to the sides of the armrest is a storage pocket while on the armrest is a cup holder. The storage pocket is insulated to preserve the temperature of your drinks. This pouch also comes with a built-in bottle opener to make your camping simple.

Who Is It Best For? 

Sport-Brella is capable of carrying 250 pounds without sinking on loose soils. This makes it among the strongest and stable reclining camp chairs made to use, especially when camping on the beaches.

  • It’s sturdy enough for anyone below 113kgs to relax on.
  • Easy and fast to fold.
  • The detachable footrest and armrest make them suitable for every occasion.
  • Light to carry and easy to store
  • With all the components, it’s bulky.
  • The cup holder is placed on one side and is limited in size

Outdoor Living Suntime Camping Folding Mesh Chair with Removable Footrest


Weight: 12.6 pounds (7.7kgs)

Weight Capacity: 250 Pounds (90.7kgs)

Packed size: 7.87×7.28×39.4 inches

Frame: Heavy-duty steel

Cup holders: Available

Storage pouches: Available

Headrest: Available

Armrest: Availabl

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice

This reclining chair is extra sturdy and overly simplified making it the easiest camping chair to use.The mesh fabric extending from the back to the seat is another factor that influenced the editors choice.

Nothing impresses a buyer more than realizing his much-needed product will satisfy him for long. And that’s why we recommend this OUTDOOR LIVING SUNTIME chair. It comes equipped with a headrest, armrest and detachable footrest.

Whether beach camping, out for a fishing expedition or short backpacking trips, this reclining camping chair with a footrest is a better option. The detachable footrest and mesh fabric make it an all-purpose chair. Except for the headrest, all other parts don’t get wet easily.

The footrest is characterized by mesh and strong fabric with a promising long service and is comfortable.  Whatever the length of your feet, you can adjust the footrest length from 16.9-inches to 39-inches.

Key Features

Breathable mesh fabric

When camping during summer, the breathable mesh fabric lets cool air in and hot air out thus maintaining fresh air circulation. The army colour fabric is intentionally used to make rhyme with nature.

Storage pocket and mesh cup holder

Besides the mesh storage pocket meant to keep you organized, to one of the armrests is a mesh cup holder.  The mesh helps keep the drinks cold.

Adjustable backrest

To recline the chair to a comfortable resting position, the chair back is easily adjustable. Without any experience, you can adjust the chair back from an angle of 90 degrees to 130 degrees.

Large seating width

This reclining folding chair with a footrest has a practically large seating width. As you expand the footrest to suit your height, you’ll find the seat width to be extra-large and comfortable.

Who is it best for?

OUTDOOR LIVING SUNTIME chair weight capacity is a bit limited (90.7kgs). It’s therefore best suited for lightweight campers. Again, the mesh fabric on both backrest and seat means it’s designed for outdoor camping during the summer season.

  • Strong polyester fabric likely to last for long
  • Large seating width
  • Portable and foldable
  • Many degrees of reclination
  • Weight capacity limited to a low 90kgs
  • It misses a sunshade

XGear 2 in 1 Folding Portable Lounge Chair with Detachable Table for Camping


Dimensions: 150cm (L) X 76cm (W) X 40cm (H)

Weight: 13 Pounds (5.895kgs)

Weight Capacity: 300 Pounds (136kgs)

Packed size: 20cm X 89cm

Frame: Steel

Cup holders: Available

Storage pouches: Available

Headrest: Available

Armrest: Available

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice

XGEAR combines a reclining chair, a table, headrest and footrest and doesn’t require assembling. All these amenities combine to offer the best lounge services.

By using a thick and sturdy steel frame to construct XGEAR, you can comfortably sit on the chair as it’s strong. And since it requires no assembling, you can concentrate on other activities. Being among the few reclining camping chairs with a footrest that holds a detachable table, XGEAR can be used on any type of camping.

To avoid skidding and collapsing of the chair, ant-slip and adjustable clips are used to hold the structure firmly together. A durable fabric mesh reinforced by strands used to make this camping chair will serve you for long. The two reclination angles (90 and 145 degrees) offers the best posture for reading romantic novels and relaxation

Key Features

Detachable table

The detachable table included in XGEAR not only provides a good place to place your drinks but also acts as a good lounge chair. It’s simple and easy to detach.

Mesh pocket

To have every essential camping item near you, on the sides is a hanging mesh pocket. And while you are permitted to use the table, using the cup holder is more convenient when enjoying coffee.

Detachable headrest

Besides the common armrest and footrest featured in reclining camp chairs, you’ll find a detachable headrest. All these features are meant to offer you the comfort you need.

Compact storage bag

Since it’s not heavy, this comfortable camping chair comes with a carrier bag to move around. The compact storage bag makes it easy to pack in your RV or car.

Who Is It Best For? 

The eight point support makes it best for beach camping and picnic adventure. If you are a heavyweight, we recommend you consider XGEAR Camping Chair. The sturdy steel frame has a weight capacity to carry 300 pounds.  

  • Long and wide backrest and footrest
  • Durable steel frame
  • Strong mesh fabric
  • A detachable table that also acts as a chair
  • Lightweight
  • It’s sometimes not easy to fold
  • The stretching elastic connecting body to the armrest not strong

ALPS Mountaineering Lightweight Fold up Camp Chair


Dimensions: 105.41cm (L) X 82.55cm (W) X 43.18 cm(H)

Weight: 10 pounds (4.535kgs)

Weight Capacity: 225 pounds (102kgs)

Packed size: 8-inch x 41-inch

Frame: Powder coated steel

Cup holders: Available

Storage pouches: Available

Headrest: Available

Armrest: Available

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice

ALPS Mountaineering Escape Camp Chair is an average-sized reclining chair that’s affordable. It’s also portable and easy to maintain.

After buying the Escape camp chair, the sturdiness of the steel frame with anti-slips will be your best companion during your outdoor camp. And for a person of average weight, there are no worries this camp chair with footrest will crumble despite being easily foldable.

Besides the frame structure, the fabric material used on both the backrest and footrest is designed to withstand the test of time. The 600D polyester fabric used is strong, durable and can be used in all weather conditions.

Whether you want to use ALPS Mountaineering as a chair without the footrest or with a footrest, removing the footrest is as simple as 1-2-3. With the two buckles and hand-nuts, breaking the footrest away is fast. This makes it a versatile portable and low profile chair for every occasion.

To accommodate taller people, the footrest can easily be lengthened.   

Key Features

Compact storage

As a foldable reclining camp chair with a simple but sturdy frame, this chair will occupy the smallest space in your car’s cargo space. It also folds into a small item making it portable. To be precise, it easily folds to (8 X 4.1) inches making it fit a shoulder carrying bag.

Cup holder

You don’t have to place your dinks on the ground and yet you have a cup holder on the chair’s armrest. To one side of the armrest is a cup holder with a hole reinforced by a hard plastic that also prevents the fabric from fraying. Holding the cup or bottle is a strong mesh fabric to keep the cup ingredients cool.

 Adjustable straps

To adjust the footrest to suit your preferences, joining the reclining camping chair to the footrest are adjustable straps. Always remember, the more you shorten the length of the straps, the more you raise the footrest. And the longer the straps, the flatter the footrest it becomes.

Comfortable seat

The seat is made to take a hammock version which is extra comfortable. The same comfort extends to the chairs back part. The hammock design is meant to handle your weight in a balanced position which maintains the body in a relaxed mode.

Who Is It Best For? 

If you are looking for a lightweight camping chair to use wherever you go, ALPS Mountaineering Escape Camp Chair is best for you. It’s best for outdoor camping.

  • Adjustable and removable footrest
  • Strong and sturdy steel frame
  • High-quality fabric
  • Small in package size and thus portable
  • No storage pockets
  • Only one cup holder

GCI Outdoor 3-Position Reclining Chair with Side Table and Ottoman


Dimensions: 60.96cm (L) X 55.245cm (W) X 97.155cm (H)  

Weight: 16.2 pounds (7.3kgs)

Weight Capacity: 250 Pounds (113.4kgs)

Folded size: (55.25 x 10 x 82) cm

Frame: Steel

Cup holders: Available

Headrest: Available

Armrest: Available

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice

GCI Outdoor folds to a small design that’s portable and the footrest stands on its own giving the user the freedom to use it at his/her convenience.

The rounded steel structure of this 3-point reclining camp chair with a footrest is stronger and cannot sink in wet grounds. And while the structure’s weight is above average, it easily folds to a flat design and has a fixed carrying handle. This makes it portable and easy to pack.

On the side is a foldable plastic table attached to the chair by quick to fix flat steel which makes it strong to use. Additionally, on the table is a cup holder to place your bottle or cup in a stable place. The hard plastic used to make the table is long-lasting.

Imagine a reclining chair capable of carrying 250 pounds! This is a result of combining a sturdy steel structure and a durable fabric that’s sawn all-round the steel. The fabric on the backrest has mesh at its centre for an uninterrupted flow of fresh air.

Key Features

Ottoman (Separate footrest)

To the side of the chair is a storage pouch with a footrest for you to pick it. Based on how it’s sawn to the foldable steel, expect neither frays nor tearing of the fabric. This type of footrest will definitely serve you for many years. Again, unfolding and placing it at any distance from the chair places the reclining chair in a different world.

Do not sit on the ottoman unless you are a toddler as its weight capacity is limited to not more than 120 pounds.

3 position backseat reclination

On the armrest is the 3-point reclining points marked on it. Up to the point the backrest is offering your back comfortable support, pull the armrest up. It will move from position 1 to 3. As it moves from position 1-3, the reclination angle increases.

Plastic side table

GCI Outdoor is among the few foldup camping chairs with a stable plastic side table. Cold or hot, you can place your beverages and lunch boxes on the table and not compromise the status of its surface. To make it more useful, built on it is a cup holder.

Who is it best for?

Anyone looking for strong and long-lasting outdoor reclining hair to use during should consider this camping chair. It’s made of steel, can carry 250 pounds and the system used to join the fabric to steel doesn’t let it loose or fray.

  • Easy to fold Ottoman
  • Hard plastic table
  • Breathable mesh fabric at the central part of the backrest
  • Easy and fast to fold technology
  • Heavy to carry
  • A bit expensive
  • Reclination limited to three positions

Spin Master Camping Chair with Canopy and Ottoman 


Dimensions: 5cm (L) X 93cm (W) X 131cm (H)  

Weight: 14.9 pounds (6.75kgs)

Weight Capacity: 250 Pounds (113.4kgs)

Folded size: 91. 44 X 15.24 cm

Frame: Steel

Cup holders: Available

Headrest: Available

Armrest: Available

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice

This 3-in-1 Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair offers a footrest, a canopy for shading you and is suitable for any occasion.

Even though not many are pleased with the depth of the cup holder, you have at least somewhere to place your beverages. It’s conveniently fitted at the armrest. Making the cup holder is a mesh fabric that’s fixed to the armrest by a plastic.

Not to load you with many utilities, the canopy is designed to offer two services. Other than protecting against hot sunny rays, it also folds up to become the chair’s carry bag. A carrying strap is also included on it. Judging from the chair’s fold size, the carry bag will fit the chair.

To take care of your comfort, the sturdy steel structural design provides an ergonomic reclination while the mesh fabric adds extra comfort.  To accommodate every size and weight, the seat is oversized and the strong stand can carry a 250-pound person.

Key Features

Detachable Ottoman footrest

To anyone looking for a reclining camping chair that can be used with or without a footrest, Kelsyus Original is good for you. The comfort offered by the sling cloth can be rated as above average. Whether you are short or tall, the detachable footrest will fit your feet length.

Canopy/carry bag

Nothing can be as frustrating as going beach camping during summer and there is no shade to relax under. To resolve this, this chair comes with a sunshade made of 50+ UPF material to keep you protected when hot.

After folding this chair, also fold and snap the canopy and you’ll have a carry bag to carry the chair on your shoulder. To make it more portable, Kelsyus Original stitched a strap on the canopy.

Mesh fabric

On the seat and at the backrest are strips of mesh fabric stitched with the other material. The mesh is meant to offer extended comfort as it prevents excess warmth causing sweat from accumulating on the contact sides.  

Sturdy frame

Whereas some users claim the chair can carry up to 300 pounds, we recommend you comply with the 250 weight capacity limit. It’s the sturdiness of the steel frame that makes many believe it more strong and durable than its rating. This chair utilizes only steel in its structure.

Who is it best for?

By combining the mesh fabric and canopy, Spin Master is best designed for people intending to go beach camping. It also suits those going backpacking due to the vertical folding design.

  • Detachable footrest
  • Cup holder
  • mesh fabric on both the seat and backrest
  • Canopy to shade
  • No storage pouch
  • The two protruding screws to the sides are dangerous

Portal Comfy Lounge Camping Recliner Chair with Table


Dimensions: 73.6cm (L) X 111.8cm (W) X 76.2cm (H)    

Weight: 27.5 pounds (12.5kgs)

Weight Capacity: 350 Pounds (158.8kgs)

Folding size: (73.7L X 19.1W X 94H) cm  

Frame: Steel

Side table: Available

Cup holders: Available

Headrest: Available

Armrest: Available

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice

PORTAL Zero Gravity Recliner Chair is strong and can be reclined from 0-170 degrees. Its ergonomic design draws the attention of many.

Just like the other Zero Gravity Recliner Chairs, this seat is made of heavy-duty steel and a high tensile fabric. It’s among the few comfy camping chairs with a weight capacity of 350kgs in the reclining camp chairs category. And with all sides (back height, seat height and seat width oversized, your body size is well covered.

Now imagine relaxing on a folding chair with a footrest that can recline from 0 degrees to 17 degrees!  By pushing the clip button, you can swing the chair to the reclination degree of your choice. The locking system firmly holds the chair to the stand.

The breathable mesh back allows cold and fresh air to circulate thus preventing the sweat likely to build on your back. While the padded seat adds more comfort to an already comfortable chair, the tensile fabric offers a soft back to lie on. To make this zero gravity recliner luxurious, a table with a cup holder is attached to within reach to one of the sides.

Key Features

Adjustable headrest

Since human beings vary in height, the headrest of this chair is built on a track. You can easily adjust the position of the headrest on the track to suit your height. It’s also padded to provide you with a comfortable place to rest your head.

Simple reclining system

While seated on this reclining camp chair, you can fully recline it to 170 degrees and back to zero degrees without stepping out of the chair. Just below the wooden armrest are a clip for you to lock and luck. To unlock and recline the seat more, push the clip back (anti-clockwise) and then the front (clockwise) to lock.

Wooden armrest

For you to feel connected with nature, the armrests of this chair are wooden. Even though the wooden armrests are more fragile, their classiness outweighs the need for hard plastic.   

Who Is It Best For?

If you are looking for the most comfortable reclining chair for outdoor camping,PORTAL Oversized Mesh Back Zero Gravity Recliner Chair is the best for you. The inclusion of adjustable headrest and the ability to recline to 170 degrees best suits outdoor camping.

  • Can recline from 0-170 degrees
  • Availability of an adjustable side table with cup holder
  • padded headrest and seat for extra comfort
  • simple and fast to fold and unfold
  • Not easily portable
  • It’s expensive
  • Large fold size but flat

Sunnyfeel Most Comfortable Camping Rocking Chair


Dimensions: 88cm (L) X 90cm (W) X 96cm (H)

Weight:12.54 pounds (5.7kgs)

Weight Capacity: 300 LBS (136kgs)

Folding size: (18 LX 23 W X 110 H) cm    

Frame: Steel with powder coating

Side pockets: Available

Headrest: Available

Armrest: Available

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice

This is among the most durable and comfortable camping chairs you’ll get in the market. Its limited moving joints promise many years of service.

Once you sit on a Sunnyfeel camping chair, the experience is totally different from many other chairs. The 140g padding covered by a breathable mesh fabric makes the chair more comfortable and healthy to relax on. Combining the cloth swing style and a 3D mesh fabric that’s padded as a seat surface, luxury is what you get.

Whereas the steel at the base is likely to sink on wet campsites, the sturdiness of the chair can be noticed by looking at the frame’s structure. The powder-coated steel used is capable of supporting a weight of 136kgs. The folded fabric makes the chair stronger.

To make the structure more sturdy and safe to use, Sunnyfeel utilizes solid locks to firmly hold the frame together. To set the chair at your preferred inclination, loosen the locks and shorten or lengthen the length of the frames.

Key Features

Side pockets

To the sides of the padded mesh fabric are two pockets. Even though they are not that large, they provide the storage space needed to keep things organized. Being located within your hands reach, accessing your belongings is faster and easier.

Luxury padded recliner

Characterizing this Sunnyfeel chair is the bright coloured luxury padded recliner. The puffy recliner makes the chair extra comfortable. With the seat, back and armrest cushioned, you’ll enjoy the camping trip to the maximum.

Solid locks

Folding and storing this reclining camp chair without the locks would be a difficult exercise. The solid locks are used on every joint so as to loosen and tighten whenever folding and unfolding. This also makes the chair fold to a small and portable fold size.

Who is it best for?

By looking at the seat’s extra comfort and sturdiness, Sunnyfeel Rocking chair is best for outdoor camping as well as picnic camping.

  • Extra comfortable
  • Sturdy and strong steel frame
  • Small pack size and portable
  • Easy and fast to fold
  • Side table and cup holder not included
  • Slightly expensive

Intex Inflatable Outdoor Reclining Chair with Ottoman


Dimensions: 127cm (L) X 103. 1cm (W) X 76cm (H)

Weight: 6.39 pounds (2.9kgs)

Weight Capacity: 220 pounds (100kgs)        

Folding size: 18cm (L) X 23cm (L) X 110cm (L)  

Frame: Velvet

Cup holder: Available

Headrest: Available

Armrest: Available

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice

The combination of velvet material and soft vinyl is a luxury one cannot imagine. Its unique design is another factor that influenced the editor’s choice.

Intex Inflatable furniture is among the lightest comfy camping chairs that can be used on all-weather. The waterproof vinyl material is used on all sides to making the chair waterproof. The 21 gauge vinyl is durable enough to lie on every type of surface.

Since inflating and deflating can be equated to assembling, Intex has a 2-in-1 valve wide opening for faster inflating and deflating. It is after deflating that you begin to fold.

It is very light, a factor that qualifies Intex Inflatable Furniture is among the most portable lightweight camping chairs. The material used is the main contributing factor to this.

Key Features

Built-in cup holder

To one side of the reclining camp chair is the built-in cup holder for you to place your items. The depth of the cup holder is reasonably deep to offer the needed grip. In fact, a half-litre bottle will almost be half deep into the holder.


Since you’ve been looking for a camping chair with footrest, INTEX comes with a separate ottoman for you to relax your feet. Once inflated, move the ottoman or footrest to your most convenient point while seated on the inflatable chair. Using the valve, you can reduce the pressure to give the feet a softer relaxing point.

Angled backrest

INTEX being like an inflated chair, the only option to offer the head and arms resting points is by the sides angled. This chair offers an all-round area that acts as the armrest and headrest.

Who Is It Best For?

If you will be spending more time in the lounge area than outdoors or in the RV, nothing should prevent you from buying this reclining camp chair. Its design and exposed risk of puncture make it not fit for use in the forest.

  • Luxurious to use
  • Very light to carry
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Easy to pack and transport
  • High risk to puncture
  • Not convenient for outdoor use
  • Not long-lasting

What is a Folding Reclining Camping Chair?

In general, these are lightweight chairs designed for outdoor use and their structure can easily fold to a size that’s easily portable. This type of camping chairs has their back part reclining so you can lean on. Whereas some have their back reclining at a fixed angle, the greatest percentage made to offer several reclination angles.

Although there are exceptional cases in which the reclining camping chair is inflatable, the majority comes in a steel frame and strong material.

 Benefits of Folding Reclining Camping Chair With Footrest

Talking of the three main terms in this title (Folding, reclining, footrest), there are many benefits gained by using this chair. They include:

i. A place to relax your feet

After assembling a reclining camping chair with footrest, set the adjustable footrest or ottoman at your most convenient distance and relax your feet on it.

ii. Portable

The fact that you can fold the chair to take a flat shape means it can occupy a smaller space in your car. They are usually made light so you can carry them to the desired place at the campsite. It’s for these reasons they come with a carry bag for organized packaging and easy portability on your shoulder.

iii. Several sitting angles

Whether you want to sit at 90 degrees, 120 degrees or 170 degrees, reclining camping chairs are engineered for that. And whereas some like the PORTAL Zero Gravity Recliner Chair allows you to choose any reclination angle from 0-170 degrees, the Adjustable Zero Gravity Lounge Chair is limited to 160 degrees.

iv. Comfortable

Consider the Sunnyfeel Camping Chair and then evaluate the comfort you’ll get. As some designers inline more on relaxing posture, to others it’s a combination of cloth swing style and soft padded material.

Added amenities to folding camping chairs like detachable side tables and cup holders are meant to make you feel more comfortable.

How to Choose the Best Reclining Camping Chair?

People plan for different types of camping. As some choose to go RV camping, backpacking camping, survivalist camping others are planning for hammock camping. All of these scenarios call for different considerations.

To choose the best reclining camping chair that suits your type of camping, consider these three factors first:

  • End-user

f you are not going solo camping, it is sensible if you buy a reclining camping chair that will offer the comfort needed without compromising the state of the chair.

Will it make any sense to buy PHI VILLA Zero Gravity Lounge Chair for your kids whereas there are very beautiful kids camping chairs like Melissa & Doug Cutie Pie Butterfly Camp Chair and Jakks Pacific Minnie Camp Chair?

  • When and where to go camping

Normally, every year has four seasons with different weather conditions. Some regions are always rainy and lightweight recliner chairs with mesh fabric are more suitable.

If you intend to camp on the beach during summer, a recliner camping chair with a canopy will do best.

  • Type of camping

Will you be going backpacking camping or RV camping? Some chairs have a large flat fold size. And while a few are designed to take a vertical shape for backpacking, others take the flat shape to take a smaller space in the cargo area of your car.

Having taken the above points into consideration, the below factors will help choose the exact reclining camping chair that will meet your expectations.

  • Frame durability

A chair whose frame is made of sturdy steel has a guarantee it will last long. When using a folding camp chair with a weak frame, the chances of breaking when assembling are high.

  • Ease of use

You don’t have to buy a chair that will demand you carry a spanner, pliers or any other tool. Or, you will have to ask for assistance from other people.

Buying a reclining chair that’s too detailed in its structure will definitely be complex to use.

  • Extra features

Besides reclining, most camping chairs come with extra features like a detachable table and a footrest to make a better camping experience. And while the cheapest reclining camp chairs do not miss one or two features at no extra cost, choose the ones with many extra features.

The Secrets to Make You Sit in More Comfortable

Not many people do realize they are injuring their spinal cord while seated incorrectly. Excess pressure on your disc or incorrect reclination of the body to the chair is not only uncomfortable but unhealthy.

Here are simple tricks to make you sit more comfortable:

i. Adjust the height of your chair

You’ll never know how comfortable your seat is until you sit with your feet at 90 degrees to the ground and inclined at 30 degrees of your sitting position. If your seat has a height paddle, adjust the height of the seat until your feet are at the right angle when seated.

ii. Add lumbar to your seat

Your back needs support, especially in the lumbar region. To feel the comfort of adding lumber on your seat, buy one and mount it to the chair to support your back.

iii. Fix  armrest pads

Some chairs come with their armrests made of hard plastic.  To make the armrest more comfortable, use armrest pads to cover the armrests. The cushion in the pads will make them comfortable.

iv. Use a seat cushion

When the seat is too farm or has no padding, it will not be comfortable. There are many types of seat cushion online. Just buy one, use it as a seat cushion and the seat will be more comfortable.


a) Are folding reclining camp chairs with footrest suitable for outdoor use?

In general, they are all suitable for use outdoors. However, depending on the weight, frame structure and material, it’s good to consider weather conditions before assembling.

b) Between fixed and detachable footrest, which is better?

Obviously, human beings have different heights. If you want to buy a camp chair that will comfortably support your feet in the right position, a detachable footrest is better. And even if another person sits on the same chair, he/she will adjust the footrest to the desired length.

c) How do you maintain reclining camping chairs in good condition?

Just like any other chair combining fabric and metallic materials, using water and mild dish soap, clean the folding camping chairs gently after use. Again, fold the chair as is required and keep it in its carry bag.

If there are any stubborn stains on the fabric, apply baking soda or vinegar on the stained part and leave to soak for 15-20 minutes. Using a sponge, scrub the stain out and rinse with clean water.  

d) How many chairs should I bring along on a trip?

If you are planning for a camping trip, you need to know the number of people you’ll be going with. In order not to share chairs or sit on the ground, every person should have his/her own. And in case the boot size is too limited, every adult on that trip should have a chair.

If the trip involves backpacking, every individual needs to choose one lightweight chair with a small folding size.

e) Can camping chair get wet?


Where the chair is padded either partially or wholly, it will get wet as the pads absorb water or moisture from the air.

On the other, seats with mesh will absorb very little to no moisture which cannot make the chair wet.

f) Which are the best folding chair brands?  

From the list of folding reclining camping chairs above, it’s evident there are many companies employing every technology to manufacture the best chairs.

Among the best brands you’ll fall in love with include:

  • SKLZ
  • ALPS Mountaineering
  • GCI Outdoor
  • Portal Outdoor
  • Outdoor Living


Not every camp chair will offer you the convenience and comfort you expect in your coming trip. But if you take time to evaluate the reclining camping chairs with footrest from the list above, you’ll find one or two. They all come at different prices. However, it’s more important to choose quality and comfort as opposed to pricing.

Have you been going camping over the past years? If yes, which reclining camp chair has been your most favourite? Kindly share the name with us on our social media platforms.

15 Best Large Family Camping Tents for 4/6/8/10 Person [2021 Reviews]

You’ve been thinking of taking your family on a camping trip for years, but haven’t quite gotten round to it, or got stuck because of COVID-19 in 2020, but you’ve decided that 2021 is the year to scratch all the fun off your bucket list, well, congratulations!

Camping is a way of strengthening the bond between family and friends, as well as a way of just getting away from familiar surroundings and enjoying some time with loved ones.

If you plan on having an outdoor camping trip, then a large family camping tent is must-have in your camping checklist. A comfortable tent for you and your family is a key part of a successful trip.

However, there is a wide range of large tents to choose from, all with different features, so how do you separate the very best family tents from the crowd?

In this article, I will introduce you to the best large tents from 3 persons to over 10 person needs. And if you need a tent that is much larger like a 12-man tent, check out this large family tent review.

Editor’s Pick: the Overall Best Large Tents for 6/8/10 Person

Coleman Evanston Dome Tent for 6 Man

Brand: Coleman

Sleeps: 6 persons and more

Size: 10×9 feet

Weight: 8.87 lbs

Waterproof: Yes

The Coleman Evanston dome tent comes with a carry bag for easy transport. It is one of the most sorts after 6-person tents. The inner space is large giving room to accommodate 2 queen size beds. The base Measures 10 x 9 feet with a peak height of 5-foot 8 inches.

Despite its size, you can be sure to get it fully assembled within 15 minutes and it will just get easier as you get familiar with it. The rainfly is well vented ensuring the tent remains cool at all times. It also features a weatherTec system making it suitable for all weather and patented welded floors and inverted seams which helps keep the occupant dry at all times.

  • Larger than the average 6-person tent
  • Easy to assemble
  • Weather resistant
  • Suitable height
  • Affordable tent
  • Additional screen room offers bug-free lounging
  • Not as durable as other tents of similar class and pricing

Choose 8 Person Tent

Coleman Elite Montana 8 Man Family Tent

Brand: Coleman

Sleeps: 8 persons

Size: 16×7 feet

Weight: 24.5 lbs

Waterproof: Yes

The Coleman Elite Montana tent is one of the best family tents out there. It comes with its own carry bag for easy transport and storage.

It’s designed to accommodate 8 persons with enough space for movement. It can conveniently take 3 queen size air bed. You could stand upright anywhere within the tent. The base measures 16 x 7 feet with a 6 feet 2 inches peak height. Even though it’s sturdy, you can assemble it in 15 minutes.

Talking about the exterior design, elite Montana has an extended door awning helping to keep your gear safe and protected outside the tent. It features a weatherTec system with patented welded floors and inverted seam keeping you warm and dry come rain or shine.

  • Easy and fast assembling
  • High peak height
  • Cheap tent for its quality
  • Sufficient space for 3 queens sized-beds
  • extended door awning
  • Ultralight family tent
  • Windows are too high making the room stuffy during hot weather

Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Person Large Camping Tent

Brand: Coleman

Sleeps: 10 persons

Size: 17×9 feet

Weight: 31.0 lbs

Waterproof: Yes

Coleman has always been a great brand in making awesome outdoor tents and the weatherMaster is no exception.

It’s a cabin style tent with a capacity of 10 persons. Its space is large enough to take 3 queen sized air bed. The base measuring 17 X 9 feet with a peak height of 6 feet 8 inches, ensures sufficient space. It’s a pretty large tent, but you can get it assembled in 20-25 minutes.

As usual, it features a weatherTec system with a patented welded floor. Ventilation is optimum with its angled window which can be left opened even while it’s raining.

  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Well ventilated
  • Waterproof floor and zipper protection
  • storage pockets
  • 2 door openings
  • Installation process might take a while

Choose 6 Person Tent

Best Family Tent Buying Guide

Before setting out to by that tent, there are some factors you need to consider and we’ll discuss them briefly.  Here are some beginner tips for buying the perfect family tent for your trip.

Size of the family: Size is the premium factor to consider when purchasing a tent. It is advisable to buy a family tent that is larger than required. If you are a family of four, you’ll find a 6-person tent to be more convenient, and for a 6-person family, an eight-person tent is recommended. A proper sales page should state the capacity of the tent you intend buying. Always consider the number of campers as well as any extra load you might be bringing along before hitting the purchase button.

Material choice: If your trip involves hiking, then you might be carrying your tent on your back. If this is the case, you might want to buy a tent made of lightweight material. Also, consider the weather you are likely to face during your trip. Ensure the tent is made of weather resistant fabric.

Size of tent: Size of the tent is different from the size of the family. By the size of the tent, we mean the peak height of the tent and cross-sectional area of the base. Two eight-person tents could have different amounts of space. Can your kids stand or sit comfortably within the tent?  When it comes to size and style, there are two major options; cabin tent or dome tent.

Overall Design: This consists of the extra bells and whistles. Extra features and bonuses that come with the tent. You should pick a family size tent that suits your needs and offers more value. Some features to look out for include: roof vent, rainfly, mounting hardware, durable zippers, ease of installation and lamp mounts.

Large Family Camping Tents Reviews

Coleman Sundome 4-Person Tent

Brand: Coleman

Sleeps: 3- 4 persons

Size: 9×7 feet

Weight: 11 lbs

Waterproof: Yes

The Coleman Sundome is a 4 person tent that comes in a dome style design. It is spacious with the base measuring 9 x 7 feet. The height measures 4 feet 11 inches at its center peak. What we love with this tent is the ease of set-up. You can erect this tent in less than 10 minutes all thanks to its continuous pole sleeves.

When it comes to family tents, ventilation is a priority and the Coleman Sundome got it right with its large windows and a ground vent. The WeatherTec system and patented welded floors ensure you are kept dry always.

  • Optimum ventilation
  • Ease of assembling
  • Lightweight
  • Color options to choose from
  • Cheap tent
  • 4 feet height means limited freedom of movement inside the tent

Coleman Instant Cabin 4 Man Tent

Brand: Coleman

Sleeps: 4 persons and more

Size: 8×7 feet

Weight: 9.8 lbs

Waterproof: Yes

The Coleman Instant Cabin is a cabin style tent designed for 4 persons. The base measures 8 x 7 feet and a 4 feet 11 inches peak height. If ease of setup is a priority, then this tent should be at the top end of your list.

You can have it assembled within 5 minutes. The tent also comes with storage pockets as well as waterproof floors. The WeatherTec system, patented welded floors and inverted seams keep the tent warm and dry at all times.

Choose 6 Person Tent

Choose 10 Person Tent

  • Darkroom technology
  • More inner space credited to its cabin style design
  • Easy of installation
  • Weather resistant
  • Affordable tent
  • 4 feet height limits movement

Coleman WeatherMaster 6 Person Dome Tent

Brand: Coleman

Sleeps: 6 persons and more

Size: 11×9 feet

Weight: 32 lbs

Waterproof: Yes

One of the largest 6-person tents, the Coleman weathermaster tent would be the perfect choice for a family of five.

The inner space measures 11 X 9 feet with a peak height of about 6 feet. it is more sturdy than others hence take up to 20 minutes to assemble. What we love is the fact that it features a screened-in room which offers an additional sleeping area.

Just like other modern family tents, the weatherTec features include a tub floor and welded corners making it rugged for any weather. The protected seams and covered zippers make it waterproof. It’s all well ventilated since it features a rainfly and all the adequate openings required of a 6-person tent.

  • Storage pockets
  • E-port for electric power inlet
  • Screen room for bug-free lounging
  • High-quality polyethylene floor
  • 2 Hinged door for easy entry and exit
  • Tedious assembly process
  • Heavier than normal 6 person tent

Choose 10 Person Tent

Coleman Tenaya Lake Fast Pitch 8 Person Cabin Tent

Brand: Coleman

Sleeps: 8 persons

Size: 13×9 feet

Weight: 41 lbs

Waterproof: Yes

Coleman Tenaya cabin tent has all the extra bells and whistles you could wish for.

The interior is superb. It’s an 8 person family tent with ease of set up. You could install it in under 10 minutes with a little practice. The tent features a built-in closet which acts as a wardrobe with shelves and hangers to keep you more organized.

If space is a priority, then this tent is worth a look. The base Measures 13 x 9 feet with a 6 foot, 8 inches peak height. The inbuilt closet takes up 2 x 2 feet. Similar to most of the tents we have reviewed, it also comes with a WeatherTec system with patented welded floors and inverted seams all helping to keep you dry no matter the weather outside.

  • Easy and fast assembling
  • 3 color options to make a choice
  • 2 x 2 feet closet with shelves and hangers
  • Hinged door for easy entry and exit
  • Rainfly included
  • E-port for electric power inlet
  • Large space and adequate height
  • Room divider for privacy
  • A little heavy

Browning Camping Big Horn 9 Person Tent

Brand: Browning Camping

Sleeps: 9 persons

Size: 15×10 feet

Weight: 34.75 lbs

Waterproof: Yes

The browning camping big horn makes it into our list of best large camping tents because of its unique features. It’s a dome tent with a capacity to shelter 9 people.

Made from durable materials, it’s sturdy design ensures it can withstand unfavourable weather conditions such as storms and heavy downpour.

The browning camping bighorn is a large tent with 2 rooms, 2 doorways and 6 windows leaving you with adequate ventilation. The base measures 10 x 15 feet with a height of 8 feet 7 inches. You could stand and walk upright from any corner of the tent.

Some of its extra features include mesh storage pockets, guy ropes, polyester fly and steel stakes. Even with its size, it’s still a lightweight tent weighing only 34 lbs with ease of assembling.

  • Rugged 150D polyester oxford floor with 2000mm coating
  • Good ventilation system
  • 2 room tent
  • Low weight tent
  • Fiberglass poles and steel for durability
  • Weather resistant
  • It’s an expensive tent

CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Brand: Core Equipment

Sleeps: 9 persons

Size: 14×9 feet

Weight: 35.1 lbs

Waterproof: Yes

This tent has a partition making it a 2 room tent. It’s specially designed to conveniently accommodate a family of 9 persons, though a 7 or 8 person family will feel all the more convenient.

With its space, you can get 2 queen sized beds and still have sufficient space for movement. With its 6.5 feet peak eight, movement is easy and comfortable. The base measures 14’ x 9′. We love that fact that it is light despite its size, weighing 35.1 lbs.

if you love to have an electrical power within your tent, this tent ticks that box as well, with the electrical cord access port which is closable when idle.

  • Lightweight family tent
  • Large and spacious
  • Ease of assembling
  • 2 room tent
  • Affordable tent
  • Quality frames made from fiberglass
  • Except for mesh roof vents, there are no proper openings for ventilation

Mountain Trails Grand Pass 10 Person Dome Tent

Brand: Mountain Trails

Sleeps: 10 persons

Size: 18×10 feet

Weight: 21.1 lbs

Waterproof: Yes

Another solid entry to our list of best large camping tents in the market, you’ve got yourself a classy tent with the Mountain Trails Grand Pass. It’s a dome tent that takes up to 10 persons.

It features a pin-and-ring system which makes it easy to set up. Basically, you can get it assembled in 15 minutes. The base measures 10 x 18 feet. It can be partitioned into two rooms having 2 doors.

The design is awesome with mesh roof vents giving room for ventilation. The frames are made from Shock-corded fibreglass which gives it strength. The floor is made from polyethene with welded seams.

  • Lightweight family tent
  • Large and spacious
  • Ease of assembling
  • 2 room tent
  • Affordable tent
  • Quality frames made from fiberglass
  • Except for mesh roof vents, there are no proper openings for ventilation

FAQs about Large Family Camping Tents

What is the Best Family Camping Tent Brand?

There are lots of family camping tents brands in the market. But Coleman takes home the prize. They offer the most versatile and quality products as well as having some very cheap tents compared to the features they bring to the table.

What is the Best Large Tent for Family Camping?

After going through lots of factors, Coleman made it as our best brand. Depending on your family size and budget, any Coleman product would just be great for your camping trip. However, be sure to check out the tent’s extra features before making a decision.

What is the Cheapest Large Camping Tent for Family?

If you are on a low budget and looking to buy one of the best yet affordable large camping tents, then we would recommend Coleman Sundome which can accommodate 4 persons. It’s one of the cheapest tents and can be purchased at under $100.

What is the Best Tent If You Go Camping with A Dog?

Some families would rather leave the dog at home, but for those who want the pet to join in the fun, the Coleman Weathermaster tents would be a good choice as their design is dog-friendly or better still, you could purchase the Lumsing pet tent. It’s a mini tent just for your dog!

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Over to You

Have you decided which large tents for your family camping? Or any best family camping tents you want us to enlist? Please comment below to let us know.

9 Best Portable Safe Tent Heaters for Cold Camping [+ Safety Guide]

You’ve been planning for winter camping or somewhere cold and yet you don’t know which are the best portable safe tent heaters for cold camping to carry! Don’t worry. We’ve got a list of the top portable camping heaters for you in this guide.

Other than warming your body, you also need tent heaters to fight off infections and viruses. This is why a safe portable heater for camping during the winter season is very crucial.

Cold camping is not for the heart-fainted. However, with a list of the best essentials checklist at hand, you’ll have long-lasting memories. 

Top 9 Portable Tent Heaters for Winter Camping

Best Camping Heater For Medium Tents

Best Camping Propane Heater

Safest Tent Heater

Mr. Heater Buddy 4000-9000 BTU Indoor Safe Portable Propane Radiant Heater

Mr. Heater MH18B 4000-18000 BTU Tent Heater

Honeywell Portable Surround Fan Forced Heater with Adjustable Thermostat

But before printing the checklist above, here are the best portable safe tent heaters for cold camping. Let’s check out now!

Mr. Heater Buddy 4000-9000 BTU Indoor Safe Portable Propane Radiant Heater

Mr. Heater an all-season portable gas heater is recommended for indoor or outdoor use and is well equipped with all the necessary safety features.

Key Specifications
  • Brand:Mr. Heater
  • Power Output: 4,000 to 9,000 BTU
  • Effective Area: 225 sq.ft
  • Weight: 9 Pounds
  • Heating method: Radiation
  • Dimension: 7.7 x 13.4 x 15 inches
  • Safety Features: Low oxygen shut off, tip-off shut-off

Besides the nice looking red and black structure, this liquid propane tent heater has enough security features for your own safety and that of the tent. As an indoor tent heater where oxygen may become sufficient, Mr. Heater comes with an Oxygen Depletion Sensor. And in case of an accidental tip-over, the automatic cut-off shuts off the propane supply.

Despite the added 1-pound propane cylinder, this heater weighs only 9 pounds. Apart from its lightweight, the top is fitted with an easy to carry handle. The large base offers a firm and prevents frequent tip-over. It’s a perfect portable propane tent heater for medium tents with safety tip-over shut-off.

  • Simple and compact
  • The size and structure make it the best portable heater for camping. Its fold-down handle and BTU to size ratio offers a minimalistic design. Operating the pilot is quite simple.
  • Portable
  • Considering its weight and handle, you can walk with this heater in your hands for long distances.
  • Almost 100% efficient
  • The fuel burn rate stands at almost 100 percent a fact that makes it safe to use indoors.
  • Well loaded with Safety Features
  • Mr. Heater is equipped with safety features like an automatic tip-over switch and low oxygen detectors.
  • No heat moderation feature
  • More sophisticated portable tent heaters have heat control features to keep temperatures at regulated levels.
  • Exposed flame
  • With kids around when the heater is switched on, the exposed flames pose great danger.

Mr. Heater Little Buddy 3800 BTU Indoor Safe Propane Heater

Key Specifications
  • Bran: Mr. Heater
  • Power Output: 3,800 BTU
  • Effective Area: 95 sq.ft
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Dimension :11X11X11 Inches
  • Safety Features: Low oxygen sensor and automatic switch-off system, tip-over sensor with auto switch-off switch

This Mr. Heater Little Buddy is a small tent heater highly suitable for use in tents, workshops, garages, cabins and porches.

With the simple switch on/off button easily accessible, your heated tent will be warmed continuously for 5 to 6 hours. It has a high propane combustion rate that ensures the inside of the heated tent is odorless.

In case the oxygen level drops, Little Buddy has a sensor with an auto shut-off switch. Additionally, the tip-over switch will cut off the propane flow. The big rounded base is an added safety feature as it enhances heaters stability. Even though the 3,800 BTU rating isn’t that great, using it according to specification the results are beyond expectations. For maximum comfort, the 3,800 BTU/hr rating will keep the heat at a controlled level.

  • Temperature control
  • You can maintain the heat released per hour and thus enjoy constant warmth on your cold camping.
  • Design and stability
  • For easy portability and a safety measure, the carrying handle is built strong while the base is rounded and has a large circumference.
  • Safe to use
  • There is no other safer small portable propane heater compared to the Little Buddy. The auto shut- off switch takes control of any imminent danger.
  • Recommended for use in many different conditions
  • Whether camping behind the patios or spending the night in ice fishing shanties, this is the best tent heater.
  • Propane cylinder not included
  • After buying this Little Buddy, you’ll have to dig deeper into your pockets to buy the propane cylinder. 
  • Delicate to use
  • Even though it comes with a sturdy handle, accidental dropping is likely to make it go in flames.

Texsport 2890 BTU Ultralight Outdoor Propane Heater

Key Specifications
  • Brand: Texsport
  • Power Output: 2,890 BTU
  • Weight: 1 Pounds
  • Product Dimension: 8.5 x 10 x 5.25 inches
  • Safety Features: Auto shut-off switches, large paddle plastic base for stability, the gas valve shut off and safety grid.

Texsport tent heater is a popular and high quality outdoor portable heater for camping designed mostly for camping and hiking. 

This propane heater comes with a wide variety of safety features and the entire design is created with every safety precaution at heart. Carrying Texsport is ornamental given the beauty of the stainless steel finish, the glossy copper material and the propeller-like plastic base. 

Powering on and off is much easier as the switch is open and simple to operate. Additionally, the automatic fuel valve shut off doesn’t need your input when the flame goes off. Its lightweight characteristic ensures portability isn’t an issue.

How about buying a low maintenance tent heater? As the burner is made of durable stainless steel for durability, the piping is copper made to minimize heat loss.

  • Portable and compact
  • Texsport comprises only three components (base, propane bottle and burner) and weighs 1 pound.
  • Economical
  • At a low setting, this small heater sips one bottle for 7-8 hours. It also takes less duration to warm a small-sized tent compared to Mr. Heater.
  • A bit noisy
  • Being the only thing producing some noise at night, that little battling sound will sounder louder than it really is.
  • Head not adjustable
  • Trying to heat a specific target is a challenge unless you use a hose.

Mr. Heater Corporation 29000-45000 BTU Safe Heater

Key Specifications
  • Brand: Mr. Heater.
  • Power Output: 30,000, 36,000, and 45,000 BTU.
  • Heating method: Convention.
  • Weight: 5.5 pounds.
  • Dimension :10.4 x 10.4 x 17.5 inches.
  • Safety Features: Automatic safety shut-off, oxygen depletion sensor, grill guard.

A great portable gas heater with the highest power output to keep you warm when in the garage, camping or in construction sites. 

Mr. Heater Corporation is a multidirectional top tank propane heater manufactured for outdoor multipurpose use. To suit every condition, this heater has three heat settings: at 30,000 BTU, 36,000 BTU and 45,000 BTU. Keeping the entire surrounding warm, the rotating knob will spread the heat to all directions. The temperatures are regulated by an output valve so the warmth is constant.

The 990 sq. ft heating area rating is more than enough for a normal camping site. Despite having rotating parts, it’s a quiet device. By using the gas cylinder as the base, stability is assured. To keep you alert once the propane gas is completed, this unit is equipped with an oxygen depletion sensor.

  • Dependability and durability
  • By looking at the sturdy structure of the unit, the guarantee to offer good and long service is evident.
  • A Lot of heat
  • Whether on the low, medium or high setting, a lot of heat is produced.
  • Fast heating
  • Considering the amount of heat emitted and the heating method, objects are heated faster.
  • Heavy
  • Combining the weight of the gas cylinder and that of the unit, you cannot walk around with it.
  • Not economical
  • Remember the amount of heat produced is proportional to the fuel consumed. Setting the heater at 45,000 BTU, it's likely to consume a gallon every 2 hours.

Mr. Heater MH18B 4000-18000 BTU Tent Heater

Key Specifications
  • Brand: Mr. Heater.
  • Power Output: 4, 000, 9, 000, or 18, 000 BTU/ hour.
  • Heating space: 450 Sq. Ft.
  • Heating method: Radiation.
  • Weight: 16. 30 pounds.
  • Dimension: 16.70 x 11.20 x 12.00 inches.
  • Safety Features: Tip-over safety shut off, low oxygen shut-off system.

Mr. Heater Red is among the commendable safe tent heaters for camping during cold seasons due to its multiple temperature controls and portability.

With a minimum output of 4,000 BTU and a maximum of 18,000 BTU, you have the opportunity to adjust the temperatures to the best levels of your choice. Since it utilizes two disposable liquid propane cylinders, replacing them at different intervals means Mr. Heater Red will never allow coldness to torment you. 

The single control knob and the built-in Piezo sparking system makes operating this portable camping tent is oversimplified. Forget the obvious safety features and look at the base. Unless due negligence, tipping over is next to impossibility.

During cold camping, you can comfortably use Mr. Heater outdoors and indoors safely. And even with its 16.3 pounds, the handle will permit carrying it wherever you go.

  • Low-mid-high heat setting
  • As the cold tent temperature rises, the heat control settings allow adjustments.
  • Easy to operate
  • Look at the red control knob. Rotating it from the OFF -PILOT- LO is all you need to do.
  • Large heating space
  • The rated heating space of 450 sq. ft. is above the normal tent size you are most likely to use during cold camping.
  • An option to use remote gas supply
  • Using a hose and a filter, you can connect the heater to a larger propane gas cylinder remotely.
  • Safe to use
  • Even though it's advisable to use a gas heater in a tent with vents, it's safe to use this Red Buddy inside your tent.
  • No blower
  • Due to lack of a blower, the efficiency is degraded as all heat is not directed to the front.

Mr. Heater Big Buddy 4000-18000 BTU Indoor-Safe Portable RV Propane Heater

Key Specifications
  • Brand: Mr. Heater
  • Power Output: 4, 000 - 18, 000-BTU
  • Heating space: 450 Sq. Ft.
  • Heating method: Radiation/ convection (Optional)
  • Weight: 16.66 pounds
  • Dimension:  19 x 12 x 17.75 inches
  • Safety Features: Tip-over shut off switch, oxygen depletion sensor

The Mr.Heater grey buddy utilizes both conventional and radiation heating methods making it the best portable heater for camping in large tents.

Finding a portable indoor safe propane heater with batteries and AC adapter options for connecting fans is something hard to find. Assembling and using this heater is faster and easy. Just push and rotate the knob to light and the piezo sparking will complete your mission. With the swivel regulator available, it’s safe to use Mr. Heater Grey in enclosed cabins, tents, workshops and patios with spaces of up to 450 sq. ft.

Turning the knob to 18,000 BTU, rest assured your cold tent would be warmed in a few minutes. And like this big buddy, heaters for tents winter camping need a combination of radiation and convection to spread the heat to every corner.

  • Large power output
  • It's not obviously the most powerful buddy in the Mr. Heater family but for a safe indoor tent heater, 18,000 BTU isn't something to ignore.
  • D battery and AC adapter options
  • With these features, you can improve the effectiveness of this portable camping heater.
  • Connects to a larger gas cylinder
  • To avoid replacing the 1lb cylinder often, you can remotely connect the heater to a 20 lb cylinder.
  • Safety is assured
  • From the flame grill, tip-over shut off switch to expanded base, this heater promises safety in every aspect.
  • Medium setting not effective
  • Rotating the knob to the medium setting lights the two elements. But compared to the low setting, the medium option isn't effective.

Dura Heat 23800 BTU Indoor Kerosene Heater

Key Specifications
  • Brand: Dura Heat
  • Power Output: 23,800 BTU
  • Power Source: Kerosene
  • Weight: 27.6 pounds
  • Dimension: 17.5 x 17.5 x 26.75 inches

The Dura DH2304S is a portable heater for camping that gets its power source from kerosene and is capable of heating a large camping tent for 8-12 hours on a one-tank refill.

Kerosene is known for bad odor but in this heater, the no-lift heat chamber is designed to minimize the odor during startup. As the heater surfaces become hot, the surrounding grille will protect you against burns. Among the greatest benefits of using Dura Heat Indoor Kerosine heater is it acts as a heat source and a light source. 

From top to bottom, the construction materials are durable thus guaranteeing long-term service. With the tank filled, this kerosene heater is more stable which makes it safe. Heat output of 23,800 BTU works great in a cold camping tent.

  • 1 year warranty
  • Effective from the date of purchase, Dura Heat company offers a replacement if the defect originates from the manufacturer.
  • No smoke and no smell
  • When using 1k kerosene, you’ll not smell smoke in your tent neither will you see any smoke.
  • Long heating hours
  • On a full tank, your tent will be warmed continuously for 10 to 12 hours.
  • No manual option
  • In case the auto lighter fails in the new Dura DH2304S model heater, you have no manual lighting option.

Honeywell Portable Surround Fan Forced Heater with Adjustable Thermostat

Key Specifications
  • Brand: Honeywell
  • Power Output: 1500 Watts
  • Power Source: Electricity
  • Heating method: Forced air
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Dimension: 8 x 8 x 11.5 inches

As a fan forced electric camping heater with 1500-watt power output, warming your tent is a matter of seconds.

Whether using this heater for outdoors or indoors winter camping, use the 2 heating settings in conjunction with the programmable thermostat to maintain a standard heat level. Using the easy to grab handle, moving around with the heater is quite simple.

The auto-off timer will not only help minimize power usage but will also protect the heating elements from overheating. Interestingly, even with all the heat produced, the plastic housing is always cool to touch. No burns. Other safety features included is a thermal insulated wiring, tip-over protection and overheat shut off system.

  • 3 years warranty
  • Given a three-year window to return the heater in case its faulty is advantageous to you.
  • Controlled heat
  • With the thermostat working, you don't have to roast yourself in the heated tent. 
  • Easy to operate
  • Every switch and button on this electric heater is simple to understand and easy to operate. 
  • No hot surfaces
  • Other than the vented heat outlet areas, the other surfaces remain cold.
  • No temperature setting
  • Even though the heater has LO-HI settings, Honeywell Fan Forced Heater misses the temperature control switch. 

PELONIS PH-17P Fast Heating Easy Control Tent Heater

Key Specifications
  • Brand: PELONIS
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Heating method: Fun forced, radiation
  • Weight: 4.94 pounds
  • Dimension: 7.87 x 8.07 x 12.01 inches

PELONIS PH-17P tent heater features 3 heat settings and comes with 2 easy to control knobs making it among the safe tent heaters for camping. 

As opposed to the Honeywell, this electric camping heater has a temperature control knob to help level up the exact temperature in the cold camping tent. And since it doesn’t use propane gas or kerosene, you can use it in an enclosed tent the whole night. 

With the combination of all the heating methods in this tent, it will warm the tent in a few minutes. The 360-degree fan forced surround heating system spreads the heat faster in all directions. Electrical costs are kept at a minimum as the heating elements are ultra-energy saving.

  • Programmable thermostat
  • This means you don't have to keep worrying about increased temperatures as it's automatically controlled.
  • Safe to use indoors
  • No smell and no smoke is produced. Oxygen levels are never compromised. PELONIS PH-17P also comes with a tip-over auto shut-off switch.
  • User friendly
  • From rotating the knobs to setting the thermostat, everything is simple to operate. 
  • Small noise
  • You are likely to be rattled by the small noise at night, which rarely occurs when at a high setting. 

What to Consider When Buying a Tent Heater?

When buying heaters for warming tents during winter camping, their features and specifications should be the main guiding factor and not the physical appearance.

 Here is what to consider when buying a tent heater.

Heat Output: Wattage and BTU

When considering the heaters BTU rating, the size of your tent should be in your mind. If you are going to use a small tent for cold camping, the right BTU rating of the heater to buy should range from 2,500 BTU to 8,000 BTU. This rating best suits an average area of up to 200 sq. ft.

Alternatively, you can opt for a tent heater variable heating switches to suit any tent size. Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater, Silver is a good heater with three heat settings. 

Wattage refers to the amount of electrical power the heater requires operating.

Power Source

Every tent warmer uses either kerosene, propane or electricity. Depending on the place where you’ll be camping, you consider the immediate available power source. If electricity is not available, consider a tent warmer that uses kerosene or propane.

When camping remotely, you better buy a propane or kerosene powered tent heater.

Safety features

Where going camping alone or with pets and kids, you need a safe tent heater. Tipping over and low oxygen levels are the least you would expect when camping. But since they are inevitable, buying a portable tent heater equipped with safety features is the best option.

AUZKIN Portable Electric Tent Heater is an example of an electric camping heater featuring all the essential safety features.

A large base is another safety feature ignored by many but it’s worth considering.

Size and weight

When going camping, a compact and lightweight tent warmer is everybody’s wish. This does not only make packing items simple, but moving around when camping is an easy exercise. For intense hiking, any unnecessary weight that pulls you down is worth eliminating.

How To Choose A Tent Heater?

Tent heaters are different, work differently and perform better under different conditions or seasons. So, how do you choose the right tent heater that meets your specifications?

 Here is how to choose a tent heater:

Step 1:  Consider the type of the heater

There are many types of tent heaters. They include ceramic heaters, fan heaters, radiation/ convection/Micathermic heaters and utility heaters. Each type works differently and their maintenance costs are different.

Honeywell HCE100B Ceramic Tent Heater is an economical and portable ceramic tent heater while the 2-in1 Portable Space Heater is a combo of ceramic and fan, which makes it more advantageous.

Step 2: Benefits

All tent heaters have benefits.  The question is, which one offers the benefits you need without straining? Some heaters will demand you wake up and switch off while others are not humble enough to let you sleep. And if you love camping, a durable and portable tent heater would offer the much-needed benefits.

Step 3: How the tent heater works

While some campers prefer being warmed directly, others love receiving the warmth from the surrounding. Tent heaters for cold camping utilizes different modes of heat transfer and this majorly determines how the heater works.

The different modes of heat transfer in tent heaters are radiation, convection and fan.

Step 4: Type of tent to use

Radiant tent heaters heat you directly while convection tent heaters warm the surrounding air thus heating all objects in the entire camping tent. Using a tent with more than one room requires a convection heater but for a solo in a small-enclosed tent, a radiant heater would be fine.

Comfort Zone CZQTV007BK Radiant Quartz Heater has two tubes that radiate heat directly to the persons and objects directly in front of it. This makes only good for a few people in a single room.

 Important Tent Heater Safety Features

Depending on the tent heater you have, there are important safety features worth observing when using in a tent. They are:

1. Oxygen Depletion Sensor

Other than when using an electric camping heater, the oxygen level in a tent decreases as the heater continues to burn the propane or the kerosene. This poses great danger and continued use may lead to death.

It’s therefore advisable not to buy a kerosene or propane tent heater without an oxygen depletion sensor.

2. Tip- Over Switch

Unless you are hanging the tent heater, tipping over is a common and this is due to their lightweight characteristic. Some heaters are susceptible to bursting and causing fire. The only way to avoid this danger is by buying a tent heater fitted with a tip-over switch with automatic switch-off feature.

3. Anti-OverHeat System

There are many good tent heaters without a thermostat.  Without this feature, the tent heater is likely to go in flames or have some parts burned out. When buying mostly electrical tent heaters, consider those with anti-over heat systems as it automatically switches the heater off.

4. Large base

A large base is critical for stability. It’s therefore prudent to buy a tent heater with a large base.

Safety Tips When Using a Tent Heater

How do you ensure your safety, safety of your family and the tent is at its maximum when using a tent heater? While some kerosene tent heaters are easy to go on flames or consume all the oxygen, the electricity in the electric camping heater is always ready to shock you.

Below are safety tips when using a tent heater:

Use Ventilation

Before switching on a tent heater in enclosed spaces or in a tent, ensure there is enough ventilation to allow air to flow in and out smoothly. The smaller is the ventilation, the more the carbon monoxide. Suffocation becomes the only unavoidable circumstance when there is no oxygen.

In case your tent has no ventilation, Mr. Heater Corporation Vent-Free Propane Heater Infrared is the right safe tent heater to use in the tent.

Keep flammable objects away from the tent heater

Objects likely to burst into flames on heating are dangerous and should be kept away from tent heaters. Some of the flammables you are likely to go camping with include hairsprays, fireworks and alcohol.

Run the tent heater on low setting

Running a propane or kerosene tent heater on HI setting consumes more oxygen in the tent. Do not run a heater at night on HI setting. Before sleeping, turn the heater to LOW setting to avoid faster completion of oxygen in the tent and this may cause health complications.  

Alternatively, if you are equipped with a heavy sleeping bag, it’s advisable to turn off the tent heater immediately before sleeping.

Avoid open liquids in the tent

Water is a good conductor of electricity and should not be kept near electrical tent heaters. When using an electric camping heater, try to keep open liquids far from it. Spilling water on the electric tent heater can cause electrocution if you get into conduct with the water.

FAQs about Tent Heaters

What is the Safest Type of Tent Heater?

Whereas we cannot authoritatively say certain types of tent heaters are safer than the other, the best we can say is to judge each tent heater based on its features. However, electric camping tent heaters are the safest tent heaters for camping.

Portable Electric Space Tent Heater, a safe indoor tent heater well-equipped with multi protection safety features and does not use propane or kerosene.

Is an Electric Heater Safe to Use Inside a Tent?

Electric tent heaters are highly rated in terms of safety standards. As long as you observe the safety tips in the above section, an electric tent heater is safe to use inside a tent.

Is it Safe to Use a Gas Tent Heater?

Gas tent heaters have safety features to care of any unseen accident. With a tip-over switch, low oxygen sensor and a thermostat, they are safe tent heaters for camping whether indoors or outdoors.

 Are Electrical Heaters Safer Than Gas Variants?

Whereas both tent heaters have safety features, the electric tent heaters are more safe compared to gas heaters. As the electric heater uses electricity to heat elements, the gas heater uses the much needed oxygen for survival to support combustion. 

For combustion to take place, oxygen is mandatory. Oxygen is very important when relaxing or sleeping inside a tent. The gas variants use the oxygen in the tent, which is dangerous as low oxygen levels can cause suffocation or health complications.

Are Oil Heaters Safe to Leave on Overnight?

Most of the oil heaters are equipped with the necessary safety features that makes it safe to leave on overnight. They are fitted with 3 heat control settings and a programmable thermostat to keep the heat moderated. Additionally, oil heaters also feature overheating shut-off switches, and a tip-over automatic switch-off.

If you consider an oil heater, the De’Longhi Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater is a good choice for overnight camping. No oxygen is used, and it’s fitted with heat control settings that can be used to control heat levels.

How Long Does a Tent Heater Heat for?

There is no general time frame a tent heater should take to warm your tent. The time frame depends on a heaters specific BTU rating and your settings. The tents internal and external environment also affects the time a heater takes to heat the tent.

For example, using Dura Heat 23800 BTU Indoor Kerosene Heaterto heat the Coleman Elite Sundome 6 Person Tent which has dimensions of (12 x 10 x 6 feet=720 ) it would take about one hour to make it hot.

What is a BTU?

BTU is the acronym for British Thermal Unit and is used when rating energy. BTU is the amount of energy (heat) required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit (1° F). 

 How Many BTUs Do I Need to Warm Up My Tent?

It depends on the volume of the tent. All you need is to know the volume of the tent. Suppose you only know the dimensions of the tent? Use this tent heater calculator to get the tent volume. You now need to calculate the temperature difference between the outside and the inside.

The exact BTU needed per hour is calculated as BTU= Tent Volume X Temperature difference X 0.133 (Fahrenheit). If using degree Celsius, multiply by 0.2394.

Will Carbon Monoxide Build Up In The Tent?

When using a gas tent heater or kerosene tent heater in an enclosed tent with no vents, carbon monoxide will build up. Even though some heaters have high gas or kerosene combustion ratings, you need vents for fresh air circulation.

Can the Tent Heaters be Noisy?

Yes, but not all.  When you turn heat settings to HI, vibration of the elements or the fan is likely to start. This translates to noise but is usually very minimal.


When looking for a portable heater for camping, it is good you consider the size of your tent, the heaters BTU rating, safety features and the specified altitude on which it can operate. Most of the safe tent heaters for camping have all the critical safety features and are simple to operate.

From the portable safe tent heaters reviewed above, which one would you prefer to buy for your camping? Kindly share or comment on our social media handles or reach to us via the email for expert advice on your next camping trip.

Camping With Dogs: Everything You Need To Know [2021]

Are you a dog owner who loves camping? Are you considering taking your dog with you on your next camping trip?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then we have a topic that’ll be right up your street. 

We’re going to be looking in detail at camping with your four-legged friend at campsites or in the wild.

Essential Camping Equipment Checklist with Dogs

Here is our list of must-have items that you need to take on any camping trip with a dog. 

First aid kit for dogs 

A dog can be as easily injured as you can, so make sure you’ve packed a first aid kit especially for dogs.

Collapsible water bowl 

Your dog will need plenty of hydration when outdoors and active. A lightweight, collapsible bowl can be used at a campsite or packed into a backpack for wild camping and hiking. 

Strong leash & collar 

A good strong leash and collar will ensure that you can keep your dog restrained at all times, even if he is tempted to chase a wild animal. 

All responsible dog owners know that keeping their dog under control is the correct approach to take, particularly when around strangers. 

Many people are apprehensive of dogs, and it is good to be mindful of this at all times. 

A short, non-retractable leash is the simplest and most dependable option for most dogs. 

Long leash & stake 

These are a good option to pack for those brief moments when you need to leave your dog unattended. Some campsites do not allow you to tie your dog to a tree, so having your own stake solves this problem. 

Doggie backpack 

A great piece of kit that means your dog can carry some of the essential items that he’ll need! 

A doggie backpack gives you easy access to items like a first aid kit or collapsible water bowl, and saves you from having to rummage around in your own backpack. 

Protective booties 

This is particularly important if you know that your dog has sensitive paws. Always carry a backup pair of booties, as it is not unusual for them to be lost on longer trips. 

Even if your dog’s paws are tough, protective booties are a good backup item to carry as they can be worn in the case of injuries. 

Extra towel 

Your dog is likely to get messy and muddy when outdoors constantly, so extra towels for rubbing him down and cleaning him off at the end of the day are essential. 

Dog bedding 

Sleeping bags designed especially for dogs are available to buy, or you can bring your dog’s usual sleeping bed or blanket. 

Brush or comb 

It is very likely that your dog is going to gather dirt, seeds, and detritus in his coat during the day. A brush or comb will help to remove the camping mess and keep your dog (and your tent) clean and comfortable. 

Dog collar safety light 

This is a smart item to attach to your dog’s collar. It means that you’ll always be able to keep track of your dog when it is dark.

Nail clippers & file 

Sharp dog claws can quickly cause damage to the floor of your tent. Carry nail clippers and a nail file with you and you ensure that this won’t happen on camping trips of any length. 

Treats & toys 

Just like children, many dogs will enjoy having their favourite toy to play with and a treat to keep them energized during the day. 

Poop bags 

It is good practice to carry these whenever you are outdoors with your dog. 

Note: if you are wild camping or doing a multi-day hike, do as you would with human waste – dig a cathole for burying the poop rather than packing it out with you.

What Can I Do To Prepare My Dog For A Camping Trip?

There are plenty of ways in which you can make your camping trip run smoothly for you and your dog. Here are the best ways that we know to be well prepared. 

Get your dog’s fitness levels ready for the trip. 

Make sure your dog is in good shape before you undertake any strenuous exercise together. 

Get into a training regimen well in advance of your trip, and take your dog on longer hikes to build stamina. 

Be sure that your dog is fit enough for whatever you have in mind before you go away together. 

Polish up on your dog’s training and etiquette. 

Above all, you need to know that your dog obeys commands and behaves in a manner that is appropriate to be present on a campsite filled with strangers. 

If you intend to take your dog on a hiking trail or into the wilderness, you need to be certain that he will pay attention to your instructions so that he doesn’t eat poisonous plants or get into trouble with aggressive wild animals. 

Purchase a well-fitting doggie backpack. 

For hiking and wild camping, it is a great idea to have your dog wearing a specially designed pack in which dog-specific items can be carried. 

Make sure that you get a pack that fits your dog well without causing any rubbing or chaffing. 

Get your dog accustomed to wearing the pack without anything in it, and then gradually add weight to it. 

A general guideline is to fill it with no more than 25% of the dog’s body weight. Double check this with your vet at your pre-trip checkup. 

Apply a tick and flea preventative before you leave. 

A healthy dog is a happy dog, so apply flea and tick preventative spray before you go camping. 

Make sure your dog is easy to identify. 

It is really important for a dog to be identifiable when in new places where he is more likely to get lost. For this reason, be sure that your dog has an up to date tag on his collar. 

Consider having a temporary tag added that includes the details of your campsite as well as your mobile phone number. 

Camp out together at home. 

Be sure to camp out in your backyard or garden with your dog before you go. 

Get your four-legged friend acclimatized to sleeping in a tent. 

It will make your trip a lot easier. It also gives you the opportunity to make sure that you are both going to be warm and comfortable at night.

Important Questions To Ask Before You Go Camping With Your Dog

Although dogs love the outdoors and will relish getting to spend time with their owners, there are a number of factors that need to be considered when planning a dog-appropriate camping trip. 

Have you chosen a dog-friendly campsite? 

This is the first thing you should do when considering where to camp with your dog. Check ahead and be sure that where you are camping accepts dogs. 

Do you know the local trail regulations? 

If you are going to be hiking or wild camping with your dog, you need to be certain that where you are going permits dogs. 

Many national parks in America do not allow dogs at all, whereas some trails allow only dogs that are on a leash. Make sure you know the regulations before you set off. 

Keep reading and I’ve included a map of dog-friendly parks below.

Have you visited your vet for a pre-trip checkup?  

A quick visit to the vet will set your mind at rest. Ask your vet to confirm that your dog is in good physical and behavioural condition and that it is suitable to take him camping. 

Stock up on any medication and vitamins that your dog requires and make sure that you have all vaccinations and inoculations up to date. Bear in mind that many campsites require dogs to have up to date rabies vaccinations.

Wild Camping V.S. Campsite Camping: Which Is Best for Your Dog?

The answer to this question is very heavily influenced by the character of your dog. It is important to be really honest in answering these questions, as giving truthful responses can make or break your trip! 

Does your dog do well around strangers? 

If the answer to this is no, it is better not to take him to a crowded campsite. Wild camping in a more isolated location would be best for your dog

Does your dog tend to bark frequently? 

If the answer is yes, it may not be a good idea to take him a campsite where he is going to aggravate all of your fellow campers! Find a secluded spot where your dog will stay calm and are not going to bother anyone else. 

Is your dog in good health? 

If your dog is fit and in good health, he will cope well with a wilderness setting. If on the other hand, he is elderly or in poor health, a short trip at a suitable campsite would be more appropriate. 

Is your dog aggressive around other dogs? 

Once again, if the answer to this question is yes it is not a good idea to take your dog to a campsite, where may well be in close proximity to other dogs.

If your dog has serious behavioural issues and is aggressive consistently, it is safer for all to leave them at home. Work on their behaviour and their training and perhaps one day they will be able to join you camping.

How to Find Dog-Friendly Campgrounds in America?

Some parks are not allowed pets. So if you are planning to camp with your dog in national parks, you should at first get knowledge about their park policy before you hit the road.

But how do you know where to go? Some of the parks that welcome dogs:

Not your location? There is a map showing you each dog-friendly park in which state you live. 

Here you will find all American state parks that welcome pets and provide everything your best furry friend will need. It also will make it easier camping with large dogs.

If you need detailed pet policies and amenities for state parks all 50 states in the United States, this will help.

With pet-friendly cabin rentals, off-leash play areas and other considerate dog-friendly services, they are perfect for you to escape to recreations with your puppy for weekends and vacations.

Camp Sleeping Arrangements with Your Dog

What are the options for night time camping with your dog? Simply put, you have two choices – your dog is either in the tent with you or outside on its own. 

Option 1: Have your dog sleep inside your tent

This is a safer choice when wild camping, and will generally mean that you can feel confident that your pet is safe and close at hand. Remember that you’ll both benefit from the additional warmth you’re creating together, so this is a smart choice when temperatures are cool. 

Inside bedding essentials: 

  • A tent with sufficient space for you and your dog. 
  • A foam mat to protect the tent floor from damage 
  • A blanket, comforter, dog sleeping bag or soft bed from home. 

Option 2: Have your dog sleep outside your tent

Some people prefer to leave their dog sleeping outside. If this is your decision, make sure that your dog is tied up and can’t wander away from where you are camped. Make sure that he has shelter from the weather and is not going to get cold. 

It is not advisable to leave your dog outside at night in wilderness conditions. This leaves him vulnerable to wildlife.

Outside bedding essentials: 

  • A tent with a vestibule to protect your dog or a sheltered area. 
  • A blanket, comforter, dog sleeping bag or soft bed from home. 
  • A tarp, a sheet of plastic, or a foam mat to place on the ground. This will prevent your dog’s bedding from getting cold or moist and will help your dog to sleep comfortably. 

Tips For Camping With A Dog In Bear Country

Never let your dog off the leash. 

This is the key rule that every dog owner must remember when they are out in the bear country.

Even the most well-trained dog can be tempted to chase after a bear, and this is where accidents can happen. 

An aggravated bear may become aggressive and attack you or your dog if it is chased, so don’t let this happen!  

Follow leave no trace principles. 

Pack out or bury human and dog waste, and leave no litter behind. For a bear might attract to the scents. 

Pack all food into bear canisters. 

Bears have an incredible sense of smell, and will be attracted to the smell of food in particular. Carry all food items, including your dog’s food, in a bear-proof canister. Look them in the boot of your car if you have it with you. 

Wash your dishes right away & maintain a clean camp. 

After you’ve eaten, don’t wait around and allow food smells to linger. 

Wash up your dog’s bowl right away, and be sure to dispose of your washing-up water far from where you are sleeping. 

Burn or dispose of any food scraps away from your campsite, and be conscientious about keeping a really clean campsite. 

Don’t hike at dawn or dusk, or during the night. 

These are the times when bears tend to be most active, so avoid being out during these hours as much as possible. 

Put a bell on your dog’s collar. 

This extra noise warns any bears that you and your dog are coming. 

Bears do not like to be surprised, so it is good practice to talk loudly or clap your hands regularly to ensure that any bears nearby move away before you get close to them. 

It is not advisable to scream or blow whistles, as these can both sound like an animal in distress and may attract the bear’s curiosity.

How To Keep Your Dog Safe & Healthy When Camping?

You’ve made sure that you have a well-equipped first aid kit in case your dog gets into scrapes while you are camping, but what else can you do to ensure that your dog stays safe and healthy? 

Know where your nearest vet is. 

Before you hit the road, make sure you have the name, phone number of a veterinarian or pet emergency clinic near to where you will be camping.

Do regular checks for ticks. 

Double check that your first aid kit has tweezers or other devices for removing ticks. 

These can be problematic in many outdoor settings, so be conscientious about checking and removing ticks from your dog at the end of every day. 

Lyme Disease is carried by ticks and has serious health consequences that you and your dog want to avoid. 

Keep your dog hydrated with clean water. 

Make sure that your dog has plenty of water to drink, and be careful about allowing him to drink from wild water sources as these may contain 

Rest often. 

Take regular breaks from strenuous activity and keep a careful eye on your dog for any signs of dehydration or heat stroke. Seek shade when you rest, particularly when the weather is hot. 

Keep your dog on a leash. 

If your dog is likely to chase after wild animals, this is the best way to keep him safe. 

Having your dog on a leash protects him from potentially being attacked, but it also helps to ensure wildlife are protected too. 

Keeping your dog on a leash means that you can protect him from nettle stings and other poisonous plants

Bring sufficient food. 

If you are planning a particularly active camping trip, remember that your dog will be burning plenty of extra calories and will need to eat more than usual. 

Bring more food than he would normally eat at home, and make sure you have nutritious snacks to feed him throughout the day.

Tips For Camping With Your Dog in Hot Weather

Provide shade 

Don’t leave your dog in the full sun. Seek out the cool shade of a big tree if you are out hiking, and make sure that he has a shaded spot in which to rest at your campsite. 

Hydrate often 

Your dog will need plenty of water, so ensure that you always have a good supply of fresh, clean water with you at all times. 

Take regular breaks 

Don’t push your dog too hard in the heat. Take regular breaks together. 

Purchase a cooling dog vest 

If you know your dog tends to overheat, consider buying a cooling dog vest for them to wear when you are camping. 

Use a cold compress 

Use a water bladder or a towel soaked in cold water to bring your dog’s body temperature down.

Tips For Camping With Your Dog in Cold Weather

Pack a winter dog coat 

An extra layer of insulation will help your dog feel comfortable. This is especially important if you have a short-haired dog that is vulnerable to the cold. 

Put booties on your dog’s paws 

These will help to prevent sensitive feet from suffering when the temperatures are low. 

Create a warm sleeping spot 

Extra thick blankets or a doggie sleeping bag will help your dog stay cozy at night. Consider keeping your dog in the tent so you can share your body heat.

Keep active 

Lots of exercises will keep everyone warm when the temperatures drop, and this includes your four-legged friend.

Simple Activities To Do With Your Dog When Camping

Wild swimming – swimming is a soothing form of exercise that helps to keep your dog in shape. Taking the opportunity to swim together in a safe lake or river will be great fun for both of you!

Fetch – bring your dogs’ favourite ball so you can play a game of fetch in the wild. Most dogs love to catch and chase games, so you could also experiment with a frisbee

Hiking – take your dog on wilderness hikes away from your campsite. Your dog will love the chance to be out in the fresh air and exploring the freedom of natural space.

Jogging – if you enjoy running, why not use your camping trip to see if you and your dog might be good jogging partners? Find a short trail you can run together at a steady pace, and make the most of any beautiful spots near to where you are camping, like a sandy beach.

Have Fun Camp With Your Dog!

In this comprehensive guide, we go through everything that you’ll require for a successful camping trip with your dog. All of these tips will make your dog ready, stay safe and healthy, which will leave you power and confidence. 

Please comment below to let us know if this guide has helped you and your dog to prepare for your next camping trip together! 

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How to Choose Different Types of Sleeping Bags Wisely [2021]

Your sleeping bag is one of the most essential pieces of kit that you will own as a camper. 

Getting a good night’s sleep is a significant factor in keeping you safe and happy when hiking or camping. So don’t underestimate how significant it is to have the right sleeping bag! 

A high-quality sleeping bag will keep you warm and comfortable, while a poor quality sleeping bag will leave you cold and tired.

We’re here to make sure you choose wisely. 

There are many different types of sleeping bags, and at first, the choice can seem a little daunting. 

In this detailed guide, we are going to help you understand everything you need to know about sleeping bags so that you can invest in what suits you best. 

What Are The Different Types of Sleeping Bag Shapes?

There are main shapes of sleeping bags that you need to know. They usually include rectangular sleeping bags, semirectangular sleeping bags, mummy sleeping bags and double sleeping bags. And sleeping bags design for kids and women.

Rectangular Sleeping Bag

A simple, traditional shape that gives you plenty of room to stretch out. 

  • Pros – spacious and easy to move around in, so good for those who change position often at night. Some can be completely unzipped and used as a cover or blanket. 
  • Cons – not as cosy and warm as a fitted shape like the mummy sleeping bag. Tends to be larger and heavier than a mummy bag. 
  • Conditions to use in – whenever weight is not a concern. At a campsite, when car camping or indoors.

Semi-rectangular Sleeping Bag

This shape is a little more tapered than a pure rectangular bag, but not as fitted as a mummy sleeping bag. It is sometimes referred to as ‘barrel shaped’. 

  • Pros – offers a good balance between space and cosiness. 
  • Cons – generally a little heavier than a mummy sleeping bag. 
  • Conditions to use in – any.

Mummy Sleeping Bag

This bag shape has a tight fit with a very tapered leg area. 

  • Pros – snug and fitted for increased warmth. Tends to be smaller and lighter weight than rectangular-shaped bags.
  • Cons – tight fitting, so not ideal if you prefer to be able to stretch out.
  • Conditions to use in – when backpacking or in cooler temperatures.

Sleeping Bag Shape





Lightweight, fitted and cosy.

No room for moving about inside the bag.

Winter, Fall


A good compromise between weight and space. A middle ground between the mummy and the rectangle.

Tends to be a little heavier than the mummy shape.

Fair seasons


Spacious and with plenty of room for stretching out.

Large and heavy. Not as snug and warm as a mummy bag.

Spring, Summer, Fall

Additionally, you have these three specialized types of the sleeping bag.

Double Sleeping Bag

This is a large sleeping bag designed for two people who want to sleep together. Some single sleeping bags can be zipped together to provide a similar function. 

  • Pros – increased body heat and warmth. 
  • Cons – often heavy and bulky, so not ideal for backpacking. 
  • Conditions to use in – at a campsite or indoors with your partner.

Children’s Sleeping Bag

Children’s sleeping bags are simply smaller versions of adult sleeping bags. 

  • Pros – small and affordable. 
  • Cons – can only be used by children or very small adults.
  • Conditions to use in – when camping anywhere with your children.

Women’s Sleeping Bag

These are shaped to fit a typical female shape, often with additional space at the hips and less round the shoulder area. 

  • Pros – increased comfort and fit for some women. 
  • Cons – not suitable for most men to use. 
  • Conditions to use in – in any condition.

>>MORE: 15 Best Large Family Camping Tents to Back You Up

Sleeping Bag Temperature Ratings & Seasonality

A sleeping bag’s warmth is one of the most significant aspects that you need to know about before you buy.  Sleeping bags are designed for three main seasons, and each of these is suitable for a certain temperature range.

A general guideline is as follows: 

Type of Sleeping Bag

Bag Temperature Rating (°F)


+15° or less


+15° to +30°

Summer Season

+30° or more

As well as these guidelines, most sleeping bags are rated by EN (European) or ISO (International) standards. 

This means that the sleeping bag has been independently tested by the manufacturer to obtain an official temperature rating

This rating gives you a much more accurate idea of the conditions a sleeping bag is suitable for and is more reliable than the seasonality of a sleeping bag. 

Most bags will give you the following three ratings: 

  • Comfort rating indicates the temperature at which a cold sleeper might feel comfortable.
  • Lower-limit rating states the lowest temperature that the average man will remain warm in the sleeping bag.
  • Extreme rating gives the extreme temperature at which the sleeping bag can be used in an emergency situation.

Ideally, you want to purchase a sleeping bag with an EN or ISO rating because you can be certain that this bag has been tested to a high standard.

A Special Note On Seasons & Temperature ratings

When you are selecting your sleeping bag, please remember that summer and winter temperatures are very different around the world.  

Summer in a northern climate is often cold and wet, and nighttime temperatures can remain low even in August.

Above all, you must think about the temperatures in which you are going to be camping and choose a sleeping bag that suits these temperatures!

What Sleeping Bag Insulation Is The Best?

Before we talk about the types of fillings that make up sleeping bag insulation, let’s make sure we understand the vocabulary that is used when talking about these fillings. 

Fill power is the main specification you need to know about. This tells you about the quality of down loft being used. Fill power is a measurement of the amount that the down expands and traps air. A higher number indicates down that generates greater warmth for its weight.

The highest fill power ratings are those of around 800 or 900. The higher the rating, the better the thermal efficiency. This means that less down is required to create the same warmth, meaning that the sleeping bag will also be lighter.  

The Main Types of Sleeping Bag Filling

There are three main types of sleeping bag filling. 

#1 Down insulation

Down is a natural material that is ultra-lightweight and very soft and flexible to sleep in. It maintains its loft no matter how many times it is compressed into a stuff sack.

However, if down gets wet it can be permanently damaged and its insulating abilities will decrease. 

If you choose a down-filled sleeping bag, be sure to buy a waterproof stuff sack to protect it from getting wet at all times! 

  • Pros – Lightweight and warm. Compressible, long-lasting and durable.
  • Cons – Tends to be expensive. Dries slowly when wet.
  • Conditions to use in – Ideal for cold and dry weather. Great for backpacking.

#2 Synthetic insulation

Synthetic insulation is usually made from polyester. It is much cheaper than down insulation, and will insulate even if it gets wet. It may lose its loft and become lumpy after being compressed repeatedly, so it isn’t as long-lasting as a well cared for the down product.

  • Pros – Affordable. Dries quickly when wet.
  • Cons – Offers less warmth for its weight. Insulating ability decreases each time it is compressed.
  • Conditions to use in – Ideal for wet conditions.

#3 Down & synthetic blend

A mix of the above two materials offers a mix of their strengths, as well as limiting some of their imperfections. 

  • Pros – Lighter weight than synthetic alone. Less expensive than just down. More water-resistant than only down.
  • Cons – Bulkier and heavier than just down. Less water-resistant and more expensive than synthetic alone.
  • Conditions to use in – Campsite camping.

Note: We don’t recommend using sleeping bags filled with wool or cotton. These fillings are not commonly used in good quality, contemporary sleeping bags. In any case, they are heavy, bulky and stay damp once wet, making them poor choices for camping.

How to Choose Sleeping Bag Fabrics?

Shell material: The outer fabric or shell of the sleeping bag is constructed from tough nylon or polyester. 

Ripstop: Ripstop is nylon or polyester that has heavier threads woven into it for greater durability. The heavier threads reinforce the shell, making it more resistant to both tearings.

Water repellent finishes: most sleeping bags are treated with a durable water repellent (DWR) finish that protects the inner insulation from getting damp. 

Inner fabric: some rectangular bags are unusual in traditional fabrics like cotton or flannel for the inner. These feel soft on the skin but are heavier and slower to dry. Most other sleeping bag types use synthetic materials for the inner that is quick to dry.

Which Sleeping Bag Size & Weight Is The Best?

If you are hiking or backpacking, the weight and bulk of your sleeping bag is a serious consideration. 

Check the packed weight and measurements of your sleeping bag to be certain that it is right for your needs and that you will have room for it in your backpack. 

Look for sleeping bags that come with a stuff sack or compression sack that packs the bag down to a very small size. 

Some sleeping bags are available in various sizes to suit people of different heights. 

These usually come in small, regular and long options. Be sure to check that you have chosen the right size for your stature. 

If you are particularly tall, check that the sleeping bag is going to be long enough for you to fit into easily. If you are short, consider a small size.

Additional Sleeping Bag Features You Better Know 

There are a number of additional features sleeping bag features that are worth knowing. These are the smaller details that can make the difference between a good sleeping bag and a great sleeping bag. 

Sleeping bag hood

A closely fitting hood can make a big difference when it is cold. We lose the most warmth from our heads, so a hood can help to stop this happening and keep us toasty on cooler nights outdoors. 

Sleeping bag zippers

Some sleeping bags come with more than one zipper, which gives you more possibility for ventilation. In some cases, you also have the option of completely opening out the bag – a great option for hot summer nights.

Additionally, some zips have been designed to prevent snagging. This means that they have a cover over the zipper itself or a guard along the length of the zipper. 

Stash pockets

Some sleeping bags offer the added bonus of a zippered pocket for keeping small items close to hand. This is a great feature for storing essentials that you might want to find quickly at night, such as a flashlight or a headlamp. 

Stuff sack or storage sack

Most contemporary sleeping bags come with a stuff sack or storage sack that protects the sleeping bag when it is not in use. If you are backpacking and have limited space, look for a stuff sack that compacts the sleeping bag down to the smallest possible size.

Tips For Choosing Your Own Sleeping Bag Like a Pro

Now you know all about the different designs of sleeping bags and you understand their technical specifications. What next? 

How do you decide which sleeping bag will suit you best? Here are the key questions that you need to ask yourself before choosing your sleeping bag. 

What is your budget?

Always aim to buy the best you can afford. Remember that a high quality, well cared for the sleeping bag will last you many years.

Have you selected a high-quality brand?

As well as opting for the best you can afford, pick a quality brand that is highly rated and well-reviewed by its users.

In what climate will you be using your sleeping bag?

Are you a fair weather hiker who needs a sleeping bag just for the summer months? Are you going to be backpacking in an area where the nights are cool? 

Consider carefully the climate and conditions in which you do most of you backpacking and choose a sleeping bag that fits with this. 

Are you a cold sleeper or a warm sleeper?

Some people are naturally warmer at night and do not require as much insulation to stay cosy. Other individuals tend to get cold at night easily. Where are you on this spectrum? Be aware of this and choose accordingly. 

What temperature rating do you need?

Be sure to select a sleeping bag with a temperature rating that is lower than the lowest temperature you expect to be sleeping in. It is always best not to run the risk of being too cold. 

If you have a sleeping bag that turns out to be a little too warm, you can always open up a zipper to cool off, or sleep inside a sleeping bag liner. 

Are you going to be carrying your sleeping gear in your backpack? 

In this case, one of your main priorities will be weight and size. Look for ultra-lightweight sleeping bags with down filling. Make sure your sleeping bag comes with a stuff sack for compressing it into the smallest possible size.

Have you got the right size and shape for your physique?

Those who are taller will want a sleeping bag that comes in a longer length. Women may want to consider a gender specific sleeping bag. 

Are you going to be camping with a partner?

If the answer is yes, consider either a double sleeping bag or two of the same individual sleeping bags that can zip together. You’ll benefit from keeping each other warm and cosy.

Final Thoughts

Now you have known everything you need to choose the perfectly right types of the sleeping bag, you now can enjoy pleasant nights when camping.

Please comment below to let us know if this guide to sleeping bags has been helpful for you.